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SNSD/SHINee/F(x) 2011 wall/table Calender!

Posted on: 17/12/2010

It’s coming! The famous SM entertainment pop groups are releasing their printed 2011 calendars in the middle of the month. Within these few days, fans would be having beautiful calendars right in their arms, fresh from the delivery!

Below are the front covers of the calendars!

It is reported that the calendars comes in 2 versions, you could option for either the desktop or wall hanged calendars. They come in 380×465 mm and 230×320 mm respectively.

If you’re a SNSD fan, here’s some sneak-treat! Check out this post @ snsdkorean weblog featuring more details and photos about the calendar!


PS: Notice that poor Tiffany (SNSD) had her leg under the table for the album cover? Her leg is in cast during the photo shoot owning to a fall she had suffered while performing for the new album “Hoot” on November 14. Let us pray that she gets well soon enough to rejoin the other eight members!


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