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2PM starts their Heartbeat-ing in Japan

Posted on: 19/12/2010

Literally from the title, 2PM appeared in the broadcast of MUSIC JAPAN with the performance of “Heartbeat this evening in front of their Japanese fans. Despite just venturing into Japan, Japanese Hottest were there with their fanchants to support their idols.

Here is the clip of their performance on MUSIC JAPAN

Today’s broadcast of MUSIC JAPAN was actually prerecorded on 6th December at the NHK Hall. This was the second 2PM performance shown on Japan TV. The 6-member idol group made their first Japan TV appearance on 9th December on FUJI TV ’s weekday morning news program Tokudane! The muscular boys performed “Heartbeat and attracted many female’s attention when they ripped off their shirts at the end of the performance.

2PM first ventured into Japanese market with the release of their first ever DVD ‘Hottest’ on 24th November, which showcases their entire music video collection as well as some photo shoot footage and a general history of them becoming 2PM. It was reported that the DVD attained the #1 spot on the Oricon Charts on the second day of sales.

After which, the boys of 2pm released a special Japanese edition album 1:59 PMand held a special showcase ‘1st Contact in Japan’ on 8th December in front of 30,000 people at Ryougoku Stadium2PM put on a total of three showcase performances at 2PM, 5PM and 8PM, gathering 10,000 fans each, totaling to around 30,000 people came to get a glimpse of the Beast Idols.


A little history on the song “Heartbeat: It was the hit track of 2PM‘s first full-length album 1:59 PM released back in 10th November 2009 and it was also the first song appearance 2pm made after their ex-leader Jaebeom left the group. Both the album and hit track, “Heartbeat”, took little time before making #1 position on multiple music sales charts in Korea. The song “Heartbeat”, written by J.Y. Park and Woo S. Thee, was not just famous for the song itself, it also gained huge popularity for the amazing dance steps and choreography and gained a nickname “Zombie Dance”.

Below are the Music Video and performances of  “Heartbeat”. Enjoy 😉






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