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Lotte World Free concert 101217 SNSD PICTURES & FANCAMS!

Posted on: 19/12/2010

Lure you in 🙂

Hi viewers! Found these photos as an continuation to my other post regarding the same topic, ENJOY!

Source and Upload Credits: Soshidae (facebook)

Click here for more of the photos. All credits to

Below are 2 fancams of SNSD performance @ Lotte Free Christmas Concert

Despite little mistakes here and there, the girls seemed to be enjoying their performance.

00:56 Jessica got scared by the fireworks and pointed at it, instead of doing troublex3 (apparently the fireworks hit someone infront which caused the attention of Jessica, Taeyeon and Sooyoung)

03:27 Sunny forgot the next dance move

03:47 Sunny and Yuri got stuck while changing position

07:16 Hyohyun playing with Seohyun

09:50 Sunny hit Hyoyeon

10:27 Sunny sang the japanese version

10:35 Yuri started laughing and looked backwards to cover her face. When she move forward she look at Sunny

10:45 Yuri ran into Sunny and Sunny pushed her

10:50 Yuri pointed at Sunny “pabo”

11:45 Jessica got stuck while moving to her next position

11:50 Hyoyeon, Sunny and Jessica pointed at each other during “pabo”

-Chingoo & Aigoo-


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