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YongSeo chapter 36

Posted on: 19/12/2010

The “married” couple is back again together this weekend with an interesting mission to complete.

This episode started with YongSeo at their house with their harvested goguma (sweet potato) lay on the floor.

Yonghwa tried to imitate part of the Hoot dance said to Seohyun, “I heard the song ‘Hoot’ came 1st for the 2nd week in a row…” Seohyun then decided to teach her “husband the Robin Hood Dancefrom her lastest EP hit track – Hoot. However childish Yonghwa (as usual 容初丁) lied flat on the floor instead before finally getting up to learn the chorus dance move. Despite being told off by his “wife” many times for not having his arm at a 90 degree angle, Yonghwa received some compliments from Seohyun, “You’re doing well”.

The couple went on to share their signed CDs which they receive from 2AM.  The funny part came when they reviewed the funny messages written by Seulong (2AM and WGM MC). He wrote to Seohyun “Kiss Yonghwa” and to Yonghwa “I love you”.

Yonghwa went through the Hoot mini-album and saw a concept photo of Seohyun that made him imitate her expression.

The couple split and packed their harvested goguma giving their various friends and working colleagues namely CN Blue members, SNSD members, 2AM members, WGM studio Emcees and staff, etc.

Seohyun shared the photos taken from her camera when they were harvesting their goguma. But what caught my attention was the fact that the camera can project the images onto the wall like how projector used during slides presentation.

New Mission! YongSeo are to compose a couple song together. The couple song will be a continuation of the song created by Yonghwa, called the “informal speech song.” In order to work on the song, the couple went over to Yonghwa’s CN Blue’s dorm, which had the necessary equipment. Before going, Yong Hwa phoned Jong Hyun to ask what he was doing. Jong Hyun didn’t know Yong Hwa had his phone on speaker phone, and he answered, “Just in underwear on the bed relaxing” which freaked Seo Hyun out. Yong Hwa added, “It’s on speakerphone so Seohyun can hear you and she’s freaking out.” Upon hearing this Jong Hyun panicked and repeated “She can hear? She can hear?” However, Jong Hyun seemed to be enjoying freaking Seo Hyun out, adding “Jung Shin and Min Hyuk are also in their underwear” which caused laughter.

Over at CN Blue’s dorm, Yonghwa showed his “wife” how he composes his songs and how DJs mix the songs. He recorded the instrument music first before recording the vocal song. The funny part came when he edited the song and added Seohyun’s laughter (on repeated mode) into the starting music followed by her laughter scream before the singing part came.

Finally here are the links to the episode(raw):


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