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101219 Seohyun UFO Replies (with Translation)

Posted on: 20/12/2010

Finally, Seohyun(SNSD) logged into UFO to have a little chat with her fans.

Below are the printscreen and translation:

English translation beneath!

[Fan] I… failed my driving test. Seohyun-yang ㅠㅠ i got eliminated at the S-turning point
[Seohyun] Same situation ㅠㅠ Himnae!! I too, took many tries to get 100 points!! Ha

[Fan] Just reply to me once? ㅠ It doesn’t matter how long, i will wait ㅠㅠ
[Seohyun] Is it too late to reply?? Really sorry ㅠㅠ The weather turned cold, be careful not to catch a cold ^-^

Translated by sweettaeng@soompi

Credits to SONEms


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