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Release of SNSD 1st Asia Tour Concert Live Album

Posted on: 20/12/2010

Cracking your heads over what to buy this Christmas?

Gift 1: Sunhwa (Secret) dressed in a wedding outfit in MBC’s bouquet
Gift 2: JYP Entertainment O.O
Gift 3: SNSD 1st Asia Tour Concert Live Album

Gift 1:

Sunhwa (Secret) had dressed herself in a wedding outfit with a cute ‘Mashimaro’ head-gear on MBC’s bouquet, dazzling fans with her cutesy image. Who wouldn’t want a cute wife like her for a Christmas gift? ^.^

Gift 2:

Nate news: The legendary Park Jin Young recently appeared in “Win Win” (KBS). He was asked the question: “If you were to hand over JYP Entertainment (his label company) to anyone, who would you pick as your successor?”

Lucky Ye Eun (Wonder Girls) and Jo Kwon (2AM) got mentioned in his answer to the question. Ye Eun was picked as she is concerned about the company’s important business matters. Jo Kwon was chosen as he often inquires about his label mates’ schedules, enough to earn him the hilarious title of ‘Director Jo’.

Wow, who wouldn’t want a cute bride like Sunhwa or to inherit JYP Entertainment as a christmas gift? But…

ENOUGH DREAMING GUYS. The only probable gift one could probably lay their hands on is Gift 3: SNSD‘s 1st Asia Tour Concert Live album.

SNSD had their 1st ever Asia Tour concert in April this year and yes! SNSD‘s 1st ever Asia tour concert songs is scheduled to be released by S.M.Entertainment on 23th December!

Here’s the track list:

01. Nine Angels
02. Tell Me Your Wish (Remix version)
03. Show! Show! Show!
04. Girls’ Generation
05. Beginning
06. It’s Fantastic
07. Etude
08. Ooh La-La!
09. Kissing You
10. One Year Later (Jessica & Onew)
11. Introduce Me A Good Person (Yoona)
12. Sunny (Sunny)
13. Umbrella (Tiffany)
14. Hush Hush (Taeyeon)
15. Chocolate Love
16. Honey
17. Dear. Mom
18. Forever

01. Day By Day
02. My Child
03. Barbie Girl (Jessica)
04. Santa Baby (Sooyoung)
05. Label: Suite “mirror” Article 4 “the morning song of a Clown”(?) (Seohyun)
06. Sixteen Going On Seventeen (Seohyun)
07. Over The Rainbow
08. 1,2 Step (Yuri)
09. Into The New World
10. Be Happy
11. Way To Go
12. Gee
13. Touch The Sky
14. NaengMyeon
15. HaHaHa
16. Complete
17. Baby Baby
18. Oh!
19. (Bonus Track) Beautiful Girls (Feat. Yoo Young Jin)
20. (Bonus Track) Singin ‘In The Rain (Studio version)

The album costs 19,900 won. It comes with a poster as well.

Here are some of SNSD 1st Asia tour fancams to refresh your memory of their Asia tour this April:

Yuri – 1,2 Step

TaeYeon – Hush hush

Credits: NateNews,, sonefancam@youtube, kpopbyDery@youtube


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