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Running Man Episode 8 (Eng Subbed)

Posted on: 22/12/2010

Woots! Its time to post another episode of running man! Hope you guys have enjoyed the last 7 episodes of running man. Continue checking back to this site for more updates of running man episodes and the cast members. Thank you very much and remember to post some comments!

3 Guests for this episode!
Lee-Joon(MBLAQ), Victoria(FX) and Park Joon-Kyu Would be joining us to run for this episode!

Some screen caps~

Episode Run Date: August 29, 2010
Landmark: Seoul Museum of History & Gyeonghui Palace

Some pictures of our filming site 🙂

The interior view of the magnificent museum

Blue Team
Yu Jae-suk, Ji Suk-jin, Lee Kwang-su, Song Ji-hyo, Lee Joon

Red Team
Kim Jong-kook, Gary, Ha-ha, Park Jun-gyu, Victoria

Team Missions

Mission 1: Hold chopsticks in between fingers and try to break them by slamming the palm down on the table.

Mission 2: Clipping pegs on facial parts and try to pull the other team’s pegs off.

Mission 3: Our favorite hide and seek. (This time with alarms attached on the hiding team that would sound off at any one time to the chasing team)

Mission 4: Watch videos that shows past recordings of the cast-members, both team will try to guess what happens in the following part of video after it is paused at a certain point. The team that eventually guesses the correct answer would be entitled to put eggs (number depending on the roll of the dice) into the other team’s tea.

Mission 5: Both teams would then compete by drinking down the tea, fastest team wins the running ball.

Punishment: Our favorite hot pants HAHAHA

Read more for this episode’s streaming links!

Credits: KJKGlobal & Runningmansubs2010 (Youtube)


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huuu joong ki is not around, not fun 😦

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