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SNSD ‘Hoot’ hits Japan + Showcase videos(re-up)

Posted on: 22/12/2010

Asia top girl group SNSD has shot their arrows towards Japan for the third time.

ps:I have relinked the videos, scroll down for it 😉

On 21st December, the Japanese version of SNSD’s 3rd mini album, ‘Hoot’ was released and it received overwhelming response from the local fans.

On the day before the release (December 20th), the Tower Records in Shibuya, Tokyo was filled with promotional images of SNSD. A separate store was also specially set-up to welcome the fans who are eager to get their hands on SNSD’s new release. Japanese fans in their teens to those in their 30s, seem to be the ones contributing to the majority of the album purchase.

A Tower Records store employee, Tanaka, stated, “Due to the expected high demand of SNSD’s release, we have set up stalls a day earlier(20th December). Since last week, there were a lot of inquiries flowing in through phone calls about the release”. He added, “Both male and female fans love them very much”.

The hot response from fans continued online. The CD+DVD+photobook version of the mini album ranked in 2nd on Tower Records’ preorder chart on the 20th, while the other two versions ranked in 9th and 10th. The mini album contains a total of five tracks, ‘Hoot’, ‘Mistake’, ‘My Best Friend’, ‘Wake U’, and ‘Snowy Wish’.

SNSD will be returning to Japan on the 22nd December (today) to appear on shows and begin promoting their new album.

Below are the videos of SNSD Showcase Live in Tokyo, Japan. Enjoy 😉

Credits to k-soda, SONEms, SNSDlivenew6



SNSD Showcase Live in Tokyo, Japan


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