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WGM YongSeo episode 37 (english subs!)

Posted on: 26/12/2010

This weekend, the sweet couple continued to compose their first couple song named ‘Banmal’ (informal speech). With “husband” Yonghwa already written the lyrics for the chorus part, “wife” Seohyun attempted to write the lyrics for the first verse to complete their first collaboration song. In the episode, you will also see the “married” couple going for a boat ride which ferry them to the Han River Park (Gangdong-gu) for a game of basketball. The mini competition later became a “showing off” of basketball skills as Yonghwa tried to impress his “wife” who doesn’t know how to play basketball. As the bet and stakes changed, Yonghwa gave Seohyun a piggyback ride before arriving at a café. They went on to open their second mission card to realize they have to publish their newly composed songs on the internet via youtube? new: ENGLISH SUB ARE OUT!


Below are the raw videos and Translation of their conversation. The english subbed version is after the raw ones. Enjoy 😉


English subs

Subbed Video credits to KRDgoguma


I have uploaded some info on the song ‘Banmal’. Please click here to a have a look.



Translation credits: 2korinto57 and whitezephyr @ soompi

(ahaha ahaha ahaha)

(He’s still at it…)

SH: Ahh~ What is this…

YH: Why.. okay, I’m going to stop

YH: How’s this? It’s good right?

SH: Erase it now!

YH: Okay, I’ll stop now

YH: I’m just playing around

SH: It’s quite fun

YH: Do you want try singing the first part of the song?

YH: You don’t have too think too much into it

(YH singing gibberish English)

YH: The lyrics automatically come along as you aresinging it

SH: Just doit freely?


(Jonghyun’s peeping in)

YH: Jonghyun is good at this

JH: What’s up?

YH: Come demonstrate for a bit

(Bro-in-law coming into the room)

JH: Which song? Let’s hear it.

YH: Placeholders in the first verse

JH: Placeholders? What version do you prefer? InJapanese or?

SH: Japanese

(BIL Jonghyun singing in gibberish Japanese…)

JH: Justsing it out freely

SH: Freely?

YH: Nobody will know, others will think there’s somemeaning to it.

(Minhyuk pops his head in at this time)

JH: Minhyuk is here

SH: Hi~

MH: I left something here, came to get it.

MH: What are you guys doing?

YH: Minhyuk-ah, that’s Seohyun’s coat!

YH: Who allowed you to hug her coat?!

MH: Ah? So what should I?

YH: Just put it properly behind

SH: It’s so funny

MH: Cold? What song is this?

YH: This? Banmal~

MH: Banmal?

YH: Banmal song. Okay. Seohyun try singing..

SH: Okay..

YH: Start!

SH: Ah.. How should I sing it?

YH: Take out your confidence

SH: Hajimemamini coopere.. (Meeting you for the first time in Japanese)

JH: Yup, just sing it like that.

SH: Hajimemasthite, I am Seohyun

SH: Ahhh this is embarrassing!

YH: Seohyun-ah.. I think you are a genius

YH: I wrote the lyrics of chorus. You can writethe first verse

SH: Write the first verse?

MH: Hoot is a nice song

SH: Thanks!

MH: Daebak ah!

YH: Try singing it~

MH: Like this~ (shooting)

SH: You did that well

YH: I don’t allow you to dance that

MH: You have lots of screen time too

SH: Really?

MH: I saw all of it.

MH: The rankings, etc…

(Wonderful same-age friendship)

(Yonghwa cannot stand it anymore and interrupts)

YH: We keep…

SH: Oh ya… You filmed a drama right?

YH: Such a formulated conversation..

SH: What…

MH: We are speaking sincerely!

YH: Ya~~MinHyuk, you should practice your acting skills properly!

SH: Haha..??

YH: Put some heart to it.

(Yonghwa’s jealousy is damaging his pride as a bigbrother)

YH: Hahaha

MH: I know I know

H: It’s all instant food!

Y: It’s CN Blue’s style~

H: No way, I must prepare some side dishes next time

H: I’ll prepare some soup and bring it here

Y: Have you thought of how to write the lyrics?

H: Ah, but…

Y: Is it hard?

H: Yes~

Y: What’s so hard about it!

H: I don’t know what to write

Y: Just write what you want to say!

H: that is still…

Y: the best lyrics…

H: hmm?

Y: are from the bottom of your heart…that’s what I learnt

H: Who did you learn it from?

Y: uhhh… the internet

h: yum~

y: now that you think of it, how did you feel during the first time when I allowed you to speak banmal?

h: it was a little hard

y: hard~

h: hard~ this is weird

y: then make the last word of the sentences the same (make it rhyme)

y: ~words, ~words that are difficult to me, you can write it this way

h: yes, this is good

y: think it like this, next would be thechorus

h: what is that

y: what seems easy is actually the hardest

y: it’s hard right~

h: yes~

y: think of it this way, i’m the first person to see you home right?

h: yes~

y: the first time a guy sees you home, what is that feeling…

h: how do I put it…

y: bare out your heart~ truthfully~

h: hahaha!

MC Misun: that’s mushy!

y: how did you feel that time when I saw you home?

h: when you saw me home… it was miraculous

y: “When he sent me home it was~miraculous~”

MC misun: When he sent me home~ how much did it cost~

h: thank you for that time

y: ah? it was what I should do…

h: ahh I don’t know~

y: then… how did you feel oppa?

h: what?

y: when you first saw me~

y: my first impression of you?

y: when i first saw you…. ah! it’s seohyun!!

y: hmm~ very pretty~

y: oh, very kind~

y: oh, very polite~

y: you are thinking too complicatedly

h: really?

y: what about you? when you first saw me, were you like this?

y: aww~ so handsome~

y: judging that it’s the first meeting,it’s still not bad~

y: does he like spicy ricecakes? <—(dukkbokki?)

y: what?! a 2000 won ring?!

Did yonghwa’s guidance help seohyun?

H: give me pen and paper

H: pen

H: don’t peek!

Y: why would I peek!

Seohyun’s hair is stained by the cake!

Y: your hair is eating the cake

The anticipated first phase: harmonization

The anticipated second phase: guitar

After about an hour, the lyrics are done!

What was thought to have deep meaning: I can only say this!

H: I’m done

Y: Let me see…

H: I’ve done my best… ah

Y: it’s okay… we don’t have the time

Y: I’ll look at it now~

H: ah ah ah~

MC Kim: he’s not smiling

Misun: So sincere~

Y: oh oh oh~ you wrote it well!

H: really?

Y: really

H: that’s good that’s good

Y: it’s really good~

H: you’re lying~ really?

Y: really

Y: using what I just said as a model, didn’t you?

H: Yes~ at the beginning

Y: you used it, at the beginning

Y: you wrote well~ let’s start recording now

Y: the first note…

H: is a little to low

H: “Thank you for your words”… this note

Y: 1 2 3 4

H: -sings-

In the recording room, everyone was giving praises, MC Jungmin was having goosebumps~

Y: It’s good~

H: it is really okay?

Y: Yes~ but isn’t this repeated? Just edit it a little, “How do I say this, How can I say this?”

H: ah~ this would be better

Y: hey, are you copying mine!

H: what, I’m only borrowing!

Y: I was shocked

H: you’re lyring

Y: I was really shocked

H: why?

Y: here “I can only say this”? You only know how to say this?

H: aigoo…

Y: this doesn’t seem like the lyrics, this seems like a realistic story of a couple~

H: yes~ this was what I imagined~

Y: such a shy girl…

H: ah ha, what girl!

Y: want to be with that shy girl… it’s just like a story of a real couple

Y: let’s collaborate for once, our couple song

H: okay

Finally, we get to hear the couple’s first collaboration –the couple song!

Hyun’s confession!

-insert lyrics of the song-

MC Jungmin : It’s not bad

Captions: Just like that, with the power of the two, the song’s format is finally laid out

H: it’s satisfying

Y: satisfied..?

H: yes

Y: let’s go out and relax ourselves?

H: okay!

(Not long after, they are outdoors)

H: it’s cold

Captions: unexpectedly, strands of hair would clump together in this cold weather

H: is it this?

(Minhyuk and the boys’ recommendation: a ferry that is ready to ferry the couple to the Han River Park (Gangdong-gu) to play basketball)

H: why did I wear a skirt in such a weather? I must be crazy

Y: are you mad?

H: yes

Into the ferry

H: uwah~ it’s warmer now

Captions: finally seated in a ferry with a peaceful atmosphere

(what’s next cannot be expressed with words, let’s just enjoy the programme)

Hyun’s laughing really happily

H: uwah, so warm~

(Caps: a human “heating machine (?)” with insulatingcapability – Yong)

(let’s enjoy the night scenery)

Y: we should buy a ferry

H: buy?

Jungmin: ferries are expensive, yong ah

Y: I’ll do it

H: our bodies are melting, aren’t they?

Y: yes… (showing off his skills) the basketball frame is there

Y: I want to say “I like you” out loud (lyrics)

Running again, the reappearance of Yong Choding! Yong is excited at the sight of a basketball court

Y: it’s time for us to compete again

(They started off with Hyun at 4 points, Yong at 0 points.)

Y: the loser will buy us a hot drink

H: okay

(Hyun Bu-In’s impressive start)

Y: try your best! X 3

H: (whining) I can’t do it!

Caption: hyun’s sneaky attempt! (too bad ^^)

Y: hyun, you can’t do it, you don’t know how to play~

H: I really can’t play, why am I like that~

(Yong is showing off his basketball skills)

Y: why?

H: I’ll buy the drinks, let’s go (she gave up)

Y: if I can touch the basketball frame then you’ll piggyback me. If I can’t then I’ll piggyback you

H: okay

(After the pool competition, the topic of piggyback is raised again)

What would the results be?

Yong is running.

He lost.

Y: I’m going to do it. I know seohyun is heavy

H: wait, ah ah, omo…

(Although it’s not really romantic, but…)

Y: you must hold on x3

Y: ah, my legs are feeling weak

(Yong is obviously happy, but is acting otherwise…)

H: I’m heavy, and the bag is heavy, so it all adds up and I became heavier to carry…

H: are you okay?

Y: I’m okay

H: you can’t do it anymore right

Y: you’re really too heavy! (but still, he’s happy~)

H: I feel awkward(?)

(the two reached the café, hyun had grapefruit tea, yong had iced coffee)

H: why are you drinking a cold drink?

Y: I like it

(A mouthful after another, not long later it’s finished)

Y: which faculty are you from?

H: Arts / Acting

Captions: just like they are in a conference, suddenly introducing their faculties…?

Yong: which year are you in?

H: First year

Y: we are of the same age!

H: really?

Y: I’m saying this with a burden(?)…. I am a first-year student of the business faculty… and I’m the class representative

H: it’s nice to meet you (banmal)

Y: I have a gathering today but I didn’t go because of you

H: you did well~

Y: “You did well~”(imitating hyun)

H: (at a loss for words) munching ice

Y: what to do~ can I find a way to walk into your heart?

H: it’s too mushy!

Y: okay, you’re mine

H: hahaha, seriously

Y: why???

Captions: The couple resuming discussion of the couple song

Y: We must give and receive right

H: yes, ahh~

H: we’ve passed the time to look at the mission letter (Time: 10:05pm)

Caption: So what is the couple’s mission?

The couple is still fooling around with the letter, please take a look at it quickly~

(At the moment they opened the letter, they fainted)

Letter: To let more people listen to this couple song (where should they publish it?)

So what is the URL of the website?

Jinwoon: ah. They’re going to publish it on the most internationally-renowned website!

Y: we should film an MV

H: I have never done this before (starts worrying)




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