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SNSD @ 52nd Japan Record Awards

Posted on: 31/12/2010

WOOTS! What an event filled day with SNSD flying to Japan early in the morning and then back to Korea at night to attend the prestigious Annual KBS GAYO DAEJUN!

I want you all to click and enlarge the picture below to check out their awesomeness.

Photos Credits: ZHEMING @ Soshified


SNSD performed Gee on the 52nd Japan Record Awards, competing with other local artistes for the title of “Best New Artist Of The Year“. Prior to this, the girls had already triumphed over many talented others by being named “New Artist of the year” by Japan Records Award, an annual music show held in the land of the rising sun.

Opening of the records show:




Gee Performance:


Check out the original post by Zheming @ snsdkorean!

Source: Snsdkorean

Credits: getthechancenow@Youtube & hiros2008@Twitter


For our Goguma Couple (YongSeo) Fans out there….



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