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Tiffany Heavy!

Credits: to all photographers and uploaders as credited in the pictures


Enlarge them!

Credits: Sosimallow and their respective photographers

Hello again people! I’ve went on a short break, and got abit lazy haha! But anyway, please enjoy the new song just released earlier yesterday, sung by Kim Tae-yeon and Kim Bum-Soo – Different 달라.

Recorded with their angelic voices, this tear-jerking song had managed to pull the heart strings of many netizens, with some commenting they are very touched and absorbed by the emotions that were presented in the lyrics and tune. Get ready your tissues and head under the flip to listen to the full song!

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Mushroom and Soonkyu from SNSD had shown strong vocals on MBC FM4U, a live morning radio broadcast. Listeners are amazed by how the two members could sing so well even though it is in the morning, after listening to their performance of 4 men’s “I Can’t”.

photos and video of them are under the flip

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the Attack of Busan seagulls and Yonghwa’s childhood friends. head under the flip for the remaining raw parts and translation english sub!

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Check under the flip for the video cuts

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Though i dont understand the language, but you could roughly make out what it means!


A 6 minutes preview clip under the flip! A preview of another exciting episode!

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Youtube streaming under flip.

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SNSD attended 2011 Asia Model Awards on 21st Jan 2011 held at the Seoul Marriott Hotel and received Asia’s Best Star Award. The girls also performed Hoot during the event.

check out below the flip for the photos and video of their performance and speech. (tiffany spoke in english again during her speech ^-^)

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Todays landmark:

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I’ve came across these 2 vids on youtube, taengoo performs for the midnight sun musical!

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