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WGM YongSeo episode 38 ENG SUB

Posted on: 01/01/2011

Happy New Year everyone! This episode features the behind-the-scenes of the recording of ‘Banmal song’. The “married” couple had several funny moments filming the their song video to upload onto youtube. They set up the film angle, lighting, dressing and background decorations all by themselves. Despite a number of NGs, they finally completed the recording in the fun-packed atmosphere.


English-subbed video will be released earliest tomorrow (2nd Jan). In the mean time you can enjoy the raw cut first. English sub is after the raw video 😉


English Subbed


English sub credits to KRDgoguma


Stay tune to aigoochingoo for the english subbed episodes!


Here’s the translation 😉


MC: They Should Be Tired by now
The Couple who’s going home from work respectively
Hyun: It’s Cold ~
Yong: Ahh ~ It’s really warm
Hyun: Ahh~ IT’s Really Cold!
Yong: Ahh… Banmal Song
Hyun: Lyrics
Yong: Don’t Care ~
Hyun: Where?
Yong: A Little… Like Mom? Clothes ~
Hyun: I Know!
Yong: A Little Old…
Hyun: Thanks!
YOng: Look, this is the last part of the lyrics
Hyun: Woa~ The second part is also written..
MC: Woa, the second part also..
MC: After finishing writing the lyrcis, looking at it for the last time…
MC: How would you feel?
MC: Very Proud!
YOng: After finishing the first part, add a little of your feelings into it
Hyun: Feelings?
Yong: More Cuter
Hyun: How should I do it?
Yong: The whole world would see it…!
MC: Ahh.. The whole world would see it?
2 MCs: Yup, all would see
MC: Woa, Really?
Yong: How are you , Guys? This is the Ban Mel Song~!
MC: Ahahahahaha
Hyun: Thanks for your wods..
Yong: A little like (?) Sempai Style!!
Translation Note: Not sure who that person is so a (?) is replaced.
Yong: I really really appreciate it!
Hyun: Should we do it together?
Hyun: Then means saying out what you want to say to me ~ Let’s try the beat
Yong: Seohyun~ Saying Banmal is hard?
Hyun: Really Hard
Yong: How Hard?
Hyun: I feel that It’s very Very Hard.
MC: Did you see a little Chick?
MC: Saw it!
MC: What should we do to it?
Yong: Let’s use ”Happy Ending” as the ending.
Hyun: Neh!
Yong: From Here.. I would like to say to you.. To the second Part… I know Yong…
Hyun: What?
Yong: I know, Yong Oppa
Hyun: I Know~ ( Banmal)
Yong: Ahh~ Don’t act cute
Hyun: I didn’t!
Hyun: Here’s the chorus, let me try the it.
Hyun: You should sing this part yourself, because you’re saying it to me..~
Yong: Until Here!
Yong: I watch shows often
MC: Also, when the camera shakes, we must hear the sound!
Yong: And when we start we should…We should start like this, put the rest here, the camera here and walk it together at the same time.
Yong and Hyun: 1 2 3
Yong: Hello Guys, I’m Yonghwa
Hyun: I’m  Seohyun
Yong: (Chinese)
Hyun: (Chinese)
Yong: (Japanese)
Hyun: (Japanese)
Yong: (Thailand)
Hyun: It’s hard…
Yong: Ahh~ I’m the Guitar player Jung Yonghwa
Hyun: Hi~ I am..
MC: (?) (Not Sure What He’s Saying)
Hyun: I’ve ordered it.. Oppa’s Clothes
Hyun: I’ll choose Oppa’s Clothes
(Picks Up TMYW Clothes)
Hyun: Wow! How Fit!
Sub: Creating The Lyrics
Sub: (?) On The Sofa~~
Hyun: Let’s put our children on the Sofa. Then, Create the badges and start the recording.
Yong: OK!
Hyun: We should introduce ourselves first.. We are the YongSeo Couple~~
Take 1!
Yong: (All types of Languages) Hi
(Not Translating the introduction)
Yong: That would be subs for it.
Sub: Behind Hubby’s Back, Hyun’s Guitar
MC: Woa! Seohyun is not playing the Guitar!
Sub: Doesn’t know anything
Sub: After this part finishes, time for the feelings.
Sub: Finally, it’s time for the feelings!
Seohyun: Yoong, If I say Banmal would you be very Happy?
Yong: Yup, Happy~^^
Seohyun: To me, Banmal is a little hard, do you know?
Yong: (Embarrassed) Of Course I Know,Seohyun Ahh…
Seohyun: How much do you want to hear it?
Sub: When they were practicing, he replied ”A Lot”, Now..
Yong: Really want to hear Really Want to Hear Seohyun Ahh..\
Seohyun: Really? How much? My Banmal
Sub: Finally, They can’t stand it
Hyun: Ahh~~ Faster
Yong: From the first time I see you..Ahh!!!!
Sub: Because of Forgetting the lyrics, they failed.
Hyun: It’s not bad for the start, Right?
Yong: Not Bad Not Bad, Let’s try it one try by another
Hyun: We keep seeing other places, Should we look at each other?
Hyun: And when we sing I Love you we must look at each other
Sub: Take 2
Sub: Followed by Yonghwa’s Neck Dance (?)
Then, Seohyun sings the wrong lyrics
Hyun: Thank you.. Sorry.. Ahaha Let’s try again
(Head on Yong!)
Yong: It’s Okay
Yong: Because doing it again is tiring..
Hyun: That’s Right
Sub: This time it’s Take 3, Yong Hubby’s Solo Part
Seohyun: Yong~~
Sub: Looking at Wife, it’s more hard
Then they failed again..
Seohyun: It’s really not bad
Yong: Why do I keep forgetting that part…
Take 4!
Sub: Do you understand? Understand?
Hyun: Yong.
Yong: Anything? Seohyun shi
Hyun: For me, It’s hard to say Banmal..
Yong: Why is it hard?
Seohyun: Umm…It’s really really hard for me to say.. How much to do you want to hear it? My Banmal
Yong: Yup, Rea!lly!
Sub: The singing is successful for the front part…
Yong: Ahh.. How irritating
Hyun: What’s irritating? Just sing it like this.
Yong: When I look at you, I start to get anxious and can’t say out this part
MC: Because after NG for the first time, it’s hard again (?)
Hyun: Just sing it like this
Sub: Yong is enoying, in the same room with Seohyun
Hyun: But I feel that we getting better and better..
Yong: Yup
Hyun: Right?
Yong: Better and better… (?)
Hyun: We should get better..
Yong: Improving after each time
Take 5!
Yong: Now, we are going to present everyone
Sub; It’s harder that expected
Yong: Say it more intimate to me~ 1234
Hyun: That~Yong
Yong: Yup?
Hyun: How Much?
Yong: A Lot
Yong: From the first day I saw you
MC: Success! Finally!
Yong: You are shy even when Smiling
Yong: Ahh..~Seriously Me..
Hyun: Ahh~ It’s good, what happened?
Recording studio: It’s wasted
Yong: This part doesn’t look good, how did it happen?
MC: Because they get more anxious when they go closer to the NG Part.
Yong: First time with you..
MC: Nothing to say, Look at how happy he is
Yong: Say it MORE intimate to me~
Yong: Sorry, Really Sorry
Hyun: It’s Okay ^^
Sub: What happened to You Yong?
Hyun: Get Focused
Yong: If this time, it’s wrong again
Hyun: No, it’s okay if it’s wrong, just continue to sing it naturally
Yong: Then destroy the others..
Hyun: Aish.. Enough..
Hyun: It’s okay if it goes wrong again, it’s quite entertaining also
Both: Hello kKonnijiwa Hello Sawadika
MC: They look like a real couple Huh?
Both: We are the YongSeo Couple
Yong: I’m Yong
MC: Woa, It’s different from his voice just now
Hyun: I’m Hyun
Yong: What did we prepare today Hyun?
Hyun: Today, we are going to Present/Sing our self created Couple song, the Banmal song
Yong: It’s called the Banmal Song and it’s really nice, Hope everyone like it
Sub: We are really worried about our Yong Choding
Yong: 12~1234
Yong: Saw it more intimate to me
Sub: A Little Mistake, this time, Pass
Hyun: That~Yong
Yong: Yup?
Hyun: How Much do you want to hear it?
Yong: A Lot
Yong: From the first time I saw you. You are even shy when you smile.
MC: Finally Passed
Yong: After Today, we would get more Close.
MC: Ahh.. I have a feeling that they would pass this time
Sub: Yong found his Self Trust
In the end, Wrong lyrics again
MC: Ahh~ We sang until here already
Hyun: I Know
MC: Sang to the second part and it’s wrong
Yong: It’s really wasted..
Yong: Ahh.. We almost finished it.. Seriously
Hyun: We almost finished it… Doing it one last time should do the trick right?
Yong: The last time.. Really
Hyun: It’s fun
Yong: It’s because we didn’t practice it enough before
Hyun: It’s what we call practicing before the real thing starts
Yong: The battery would finish in another 4 minutes?
Hyun: Then we should be fast
Yong: Faster
The final challenge.
Take 10
Both: Hello Everyone Hello…
We are the YongSeo couple, I’m Yong, I’m Hyun
Yong: We song did we prepare today Hyun?
Hyun: Today we would be singing our self created song, The Banmal Song
Yong: It’s a really nice song, So I hope everyone would like it.
Hyun: *Sings*
(Talking Part)
Hyun: That ~Yong
Yong: Yup?
Hyun: Do you really want to hear My Banmal?
Yong: If I hear it, it’s really great
Hyun: But you know that Banmal is hard for me right?
Yong: Why is it hard?
Hyun: I’ve tried really hard. How much?
Yong: A Lot
MC: Success Success Finally
Hyun: I know, Yong
Yong: MNe too
MC : Great Work
MC: He would change back to Yong Choding Immediately
Yong: I sang the front part wrongly
Hyun: I know, right?
Both: It’s okay
Yong: I’ll replace the lyrics with this and that (?)
MC: It feels like winning the World Cup, that success feeling.




Translation Credits (From Chinese): WendyLoveSoshi@SoNyuhShiDaeNews
Credits: Baidu


This is a fanmadeBanmal song’. It is taken from the original video (uploaded by the YongSeo couple) and inputted with translation, english subtitle and lyrics


Credits to putputys and iiSmexyTears




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