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New Year message from SNSD Sooyoung

Posted on: 03/01/2011


Check under the flip for original message and translation.



happy new year!!!!!! S♡NE! 수영이에요.

새해가 밝았어요… 우리 소원이들한테 인사를 빼놓을 수가 없죠 훗훗

받을 수 있는 상은 다 받구… 넘 행복한 한 해를 보냈는데….

우리 소원도 우리만큼 행복했었죠??

소원한테 너무 받기만 해서…. 상들 받을 때마다 우리가 이렇게 받기만 해도 되나 ㅠㅠ

근데 우리의 기쁨이 소원의 기쁨이더라구요 히히 그죠?

살아보니까 (얼마 살진 않았지만;;)받는 기쁨보다 주는 기쁨이 더 크더라구요..

그리고 받은 사람이 진심으로 기뻐해주고 행복해 할 때 준 사람의 마음도 행복해지잖아요..ㅎㅎ

그래서 소원이 우리에게 이렇게나 많은 상을 안겨줬는데 뭘 해줄 수 있을까.. 생각하다가

그냥 맘껏 기뻐해주자! 마음껏 행복해지자! ㅎㅎ

그리고 더 멋진 무대 준비해서 더 반하게 만들어야지.. 생각이 들어요 흐히히

연말 방송은.. 너무 미안해요.. 솟부심 돋는 그런 무대 보여주고 싶었는데,,

파니의 부상도 있었구.. 여러가지로.. 헤헤.

그치만 약속할게요 올 해 연말엔 정말 멋지게 준비할거에요..

멤버들이 다 작정했어요 ㅋㅋ

1월 1일부터.. 벌써 연말무대 얘기하구 있다니까요 ㅋㅋㅋ


그리구… 소원이 착하게 기다려주면 100배 멋진 콘서트도 할거니까 쪼매만 참아요..헤헤


소원이 뭘 원하는 지 나는 다 알고있다.. ㅋㅋㅋ 이러니까 더얄밉나?

소원이랑 밀당중이에요…. 헤헤헤헤헤헤헤헤헤헤 ㅋㅋㅋ


우리 2011년에는 더 달달하게 연애해봅시다..


밀 때는 알면서도 모른 척 눈감아주고 당길 때는 또 눈에 하트뾴뾴 되어서

지금은소녀시대!! 같이 외쳐주는 그대들은 정말 사랑스럽소 호호호호호호

2011년에도 소녀시대 한 번 만들어 보자구요..!!!!!!


아 맞다… 요즘.. 근현대사 교과서 다시 만든다면서요.. 소녀시대사로,,


(미안,,새해부터 넘 심했다.. 헤헤헤헤)



[From. SOOYOUNG] happy new year!!!!!!


happy new year!!!!!!! S♡NE! It’s Sooyoung.

It’s a new year… I wouldn’t forget to greet our SONEs hoot hoot

We received all the awards we could… I had the happiest year…

Our SONEs just as happy as we were, right??

We only took from SONEs…. Can we really just keep taking when given awards ㅠㅠ

But our happiness is SONE’s happiness, too hehe Righ?

After living (not that I lived for a long time;, happiness given is greater than happiness received..

And when the person given the happiness truly gets happy, the person that gave it feels happy, too..hehheh

So I thought about what we could do for SONEs that gave us all these awards.. After thinking

Let’s just be happy! Let’s get as happy as we can! hehheh

And prepare greater stages/performances so you guys can fall for us even more.. Is what I came up with heuhehe

As for year-end broadcasts.. We’re really sorry.. We wanted to prepare a stage that brings up your soshi-pride,,

There was Fany’s injury.. And other things.. he he.

But I’ll promise you, that we’ll prepare really great things for the end of this year..

The members are all prepared keke

We’re already talking about year-end performances.. On January 1st kekeke


Also… If SONEs wait nicely, we are going to have a concert that’s 100 times greater, so wait a little.. he he

I know what SONE wants.. kekeke Does this make it more provoking?

I’m playing hard to get with SONE…. hehehehehehe kekeke


Let’s date more sweetly in 2011..

*When we push you away, act like you don’t know even if you do, and when we pull you, get hearts in your eyes

You who yells ‘Right now it’s SNSD!!’ with us is really loveable hohohohohoho

Let’s make 2011 girls’ generation..!!!!!!


**Oh yeah… I heard.. the contemporary history textbook was being remade.. to ‘SonyeoshiDae history’,,

(Sorry,, I was a bit harsh for the new year.. hehehehe)


*Pushing and pulling has to do with the ‘playing hard to get’ before that line. ‘Playing hard to get’ in Korean is literally ‘push and pull’.

**Contemporary history in Korean is ‘geunhyun daesa’, so Sooyoung just took the first part out and matched up the ‘dae’ with the last character in SNSD, coming up with ‘SonyeoshiDae history’.



credits to

Translated by: ch0sshi




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