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MBLAQ “Cry” For You.

Posted on: 04/01/2011

The JTunes’ Boys Return

MBLAQ’s new single had been released on Youtube on 2nd January, 2010 by Jtunes for viewership support. Watch it in 1080p full HD! With their latest choreographed dance portrayed under water, fans joked about Thunder in the MV.

Cited from a post by Kimberly from

[In MBLAQ’s latest music video teaser for Cry, each member are seen underwater, to which many netizens have been jokingly asked:

“Wouldn’t Thunder be electrocuted if he swam in water?”

To clarify things, thunder is just a sound occurring before or when there is a rainstorm. Many people mix up thunder and lightning, and sadly, Thunder is not lightning, therefore resulting in no electrocution. Sorry for the joke kill.

Despite the joint of J. Tune Entertainment and JYPEMBLAQ‘s music video concepts have not made any dramatic changes. They still have upbeat choreography and still have interesting clothing and make up.]


Watch the MV now! Dive under the flip for the streaming FULL HD video!


Credit and Source:,, Nate News(Photo)




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