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BoA gets ready for her Hollywood dance movie

Posted on: 05/01/2011

BoA is done her “Athena” duties, as the last episodes she was featured in finished airing this past Tuesday. She acted as herself and had NTS agent, played by Jung Woo-sung), as her protector from the terrorists after her. BoA wowed her fans with her realistic acting and even made use of her multi-language skills.

Some videos of her part in Athena:



After the 8th episode finished airing on Tuesday, BoA tweeted, “Athena..I’m done with it…. Now, I will start working hard for the movie ^^ Eussha eussha!!” BoA has been casted in the untitled upcoming Hollywood dance movie by Duane Adler, who is known for the hit movie “Step Up”. Arden Cho was reported to have met with the producer of the movie. She also revealed that another K-pop singer would be joining them as BoA’s brother.

Fans have been debating who this mysterious person could be and some fans have guessed that it may be Rain, Se7en, Micky Yoochun or Brian Joo. Tiger JK has also been on their list as Arden Cho tweeted him that same day. Who do you think will be playing BoA’s brother? Remember, there’s no indication yet if this person will play her older or younger brother.

Credits to Uni@koreaboo, jpbsone19 and bokachu3r2 @ youtube



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