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WGM MC Kim(Jake) tweets about coming episode!

Posted on: 05/01/2011

Original text

우결 용서커플!.이번주에피는 시어머님 방문기..뭘해얄지 서먹한 어린부부..ㅋ이번주 토욜 닥본사!!


Chinese Translation

我结红薯夫妇!这个星期是拜访婆婆…这对小夫妇应该怎么做呢?呵呵 期待这个星期六!!


English Translation

WGM Goguma couple! This week would be visiting of mother-in-law. What will they do? Keke.. Please look forward this Saturday!!



Credits to Claude71 @ Seohwa thread soompi




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