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Kimura Takuya Praising SNSD on Radio! [Radio Ripped]

Posted on: 08/01/2011

Reposted from Allkpop, adding in the radio ripped youtube streaming link underneath 🙂

Japanese group SMAP’s Kimura Takuya, who was previously revealed to be the ideal man of some of the SNSD members, revealed his feelings on seeing the girls for the very first time.

The top class actor/singer appeared on a popular Japanese radio program, “Stop the SMAP,” on the afternoon of January 6th, and chose SNSD’s “Gee” as the opening track for the show.

He went on to state, “At last year’s year-end music programs, I saw SNSD and KARA for the first time.  SNSD’s beauty in real life… wow, it was amazing!

Kimura Takuya fans commented, “I heard that SNSD’s Yoona was his fan, I’m so jealous!” and “Yoona might cry tears of joy if she heard this.

Source + Photos: Asia Economy via Daum

Credit: Allkpop


A translation of the what he is saying on Radio:

“Hi, everybody, good evening, it’s time for STOP THE SMAP program. The opening song is SNSD’s Gee. Last year, in 2010, I often met SNSD and KARA at year-end music shows.
I must say, they sure blow you away if you see them in person. SNSD, just in front of you, will give you chills!”


Upload Credit: ItsAllAboutYul3 @ youtube



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