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YongSeo Episode 39 (English Subbed!)

Posted on: 08/01/2011

In this weedend’s episode the “married” couple uploaded their ‘Banmal song’ video onto youtube and took a train to Busan. They met yonghwa’s mother and went to a Japanese restaurant for lunch.

Check out the raw cuts under the flip. Translation and English Sub will be available later in the day or latest tomorrow. English subbed cuts are just below the flip. Translations are below the videos.


English Subbed

credits to KRDgoguma@yt


In case, the above videos are removed, I have other mirrors to the english subbed episode 😉


English subbed cuts credit: sonemssubs02

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3





this is the preview for next week’s broadcast (episode 40)

credits to putputys@yt


Other mirrors to the raw episode 😉

[HQ] Raw cuts credit: TheSoneSource20
Raw cuts credit: S9OneLove




YH: What the? Are these pictures?

SH: Eh?

YH: What is this?

SH: Oh, this is it.

SH: Please!

YH: I can’t watch this.

MC: When you watch those things together, you always end up looking at yourself.

JW: That’s right!

SO: And when you watch yourself singing your expression keeps changing..

YH: I really can’t watch this!

SH: Did you upload it?

YH: No, it’s uploading it’s uploading!

SH: Ah, what do we do!

MC: The deed has already been done, the situation has spread!

YH: When we upload this, people from around the world can see it.

YH: We have to let other people know about this video.

SH: I have someone in mind,

SH: It’s someone that knows a lot about music.

YH: Oh really? Who is it?

SH: It’s someone I really respect.

MC: Who could it be??

SSH: Yes?

SH: Sunbae nim~

SSH: Yes?

SH: Hello, this is SNSD’s Seohyun!

MC: Oh it’s a guy!

SSH: Oh yes, Seohyun.

MCs: Oh yes, Seohyun?!

SH: Do you happen to know the Yongseo couple?

SSH: Of course~

YH: Hello sunbae nim, it’s Yonghwa!

SSH: Oh hi Yonghwa!

MC: I never knew that Shin Seung Hun was close to SNSD.

YH: We composed and wrote the lyrics of our own song and uploaded it.

SSH: Oh really?

SSH: I want to hear it!

YH: It’s our first time doing this so… it’s really..

YH: Should we sing.. should we sing the chorus for you briefly?

SH: … should we sing it?

SSH: Ah, yes sing it for me!

MC: They must be nervous.

MC: Because they have to sing it for their sunbae.

SSH: Wait..

SSH: You guys are singers, right?

SH: Wait a second!

YH: Our keys are different right now..

SO: It’s really nervewrecking to sing in front of a sunbae!

SH: What are you doing!

YH: It’s low!

SSH: So is the song like that?

SSH: I hope that we what are you doing~!

YH: Something like that..

SSH: Oh! It’s pretty good! Really!

SSH: The melody is very good.

YH&SH: Thank you.

SSH: I’ll be sure to listen to it.

YH&SH: Thank you!

SH: Please be healthy!

SH: Ah, Shin Seung Hun sunbae nim..

YH: Then I should call Go Mi Nam as well.

SH: Ah, Park Shin Hye unni?

YH: Yeah.

SH: Really? Wow!

PHONE: You are calling someone who is out of the country, a fee will apply.

YH: What?

SO: You need to hang up!

JW: You should hang up at that point.

PSH: Hello?

YH: Go Mi Nam~

PSH: Yah! What the??

YH: It’s been a while. Are you overseas?

PSH: I’m shooting a drama in Taiwan right now.

YH: Oh really?

YH: Hey Go Mi Nam! Seohyun is next to me right now~

PSH: Ah, hello~

SH: Hello, this is SNSD’s Seohyun!

PSH: Hello, this is Park Shin Hye!

PSH: Yah! Did you happen to… call me at this hour to brag that you have a wife??

YH: To brag about my wife, and also another reason came up to call you.

PSH: What is it?

YH: You know youtube right?

YH: We’re uploading a video of me and Seohyun together

PSH: -laughs-

YH: Why are you laughing!

PSH: To a lonely single.. you’re totally calling to brag!

YH: Sorry Shin Hye, I’ve been busy.

PSH: Among CN Blue, aren’t their members who are the same as you Seohyun shi? [NOTE: attaching “shi” at the end of a name makes it more formal]

SH: Yes there are

PSH: Can you not lower your speech to those members either?

SH: Well since they are friends of the same age, I can use banmal.

PSH: Yonghwa must be really jealous!

MC: Ah, she knows very well~

PSH: Yonghwa gets jealous very easily!

SH: Are there other things that I should know about Yonghwa oppa?

PSH: First off, he’s very weak to compliments.

PSH: When people don’t greet him brightly, his mood will be down the whole day!

MC: Did I greet him brightly last time?

SH: Ah that’s right~

PSH: If you just remember those things, Yonghwa will do everything else for you Seohyun shi.

SH: Ah, thank you.

YH: Thanks ShinHye, at this late hour..

PSH: I’m gonna search for the UCC and wait for it, without sleeping!

JM: Watching that.. it’s okay if I watch it right?

YH: Oh of course!

SH: It’ll sort of make you cringe.

JM: Well because I’m worried that Yonghwa will get jealous again..

YH: Hyung! I really don’t get jealous! [NOTE: hyung is a Korean term that guys use towards older guys that they are close to]

JM: He was really jealous last time.

JM: Oh and did you really buy our album? Last time you said that you were going to.

YH: I was waiting for it hyung!

JM: And don’t make our Seohyun cry..

YH: Hyung! I won’t!

JM: Always be good to her

JS: What are you two doing! At this late hour!

JS: I hope that you guys have a good night~!

[NOTE: all these captions refer to the popularity of the video, based off parodies, views, etc.]

MC: Ah, she went in the summer when they had a concert!

JS: Seohyun!

SH: Ah, good job!

JH: Hurry and hide!

SH: I’m a fan, please give me an autograph!

SH: Yonghwa oppa~! I’m a fan, please give me an autograph!

YH: I don’t have an autograph!

YH: You saw it? Where were you?

SH: In the second floor, at the very end.

YH: Mother! Oh, hyung!

MC: It’s her mother-in-laws!

YH: This is my wife!

MC: His mother is so pretty!

Mom: Oh hello!

YH: My father, my mother, and my older brother!

Mom: You should come to Busan one day

YH: I really want to..

Dad: I’ll buy you delicious food!

MC: Oh their father is very handsome!

SH: I get confused going back and forth from Japan

YH: What?

MC: Oh they’re going to Busan?

YH: Wait, where are our seats?

YH: Train 11, Seats 11C!

MC: Look at Seohyun’s hair! Tied up without any loose strands!

MC: Since she has to go to her in-laws and greet her mother-in-law.

MC: It’s a difficult position!

MC: She looks just like a daughter-in-law!

SH: Thank you~

YH: Okay have fun!

YH: This is 11C.

SH: Why did you wear glasses?

YH: I bought it yesterday!

SH: Oh it looks nice!

YH: Can’t I wear it?

YH: This is the sweet potatoes that we sowed.

YH: Aren’t you excited to be going to Busan?

SH: Yes..

YH: I’ve heard the rumors!

[Translated by DDuk]

SH: what Rumors?

YH: Rumors about what you’re going to do when you meet my parents.

SH: that… is … right…

MC: She is probably very nervous.

SH: I’m a little bit worried.

MC: Have you met them?

MC: Of course! Is there anything that I haven’t done?

YH: what are you worried about? Is my mom scary?

SH: No, its not like that… but….it a little…

SH: Oh I’m a little nervous.

YH: My father isn’t at home right now. (business trip I’m guessing)

SH : OH really?

YH: isn’t that going to be more relaxing for you?

MC: to be frank, it’s the father-in-law who gives it a more relaxing atmosphere.

MC: but in some instances its good to be close with the mother in law first.

YH: do you not like my dad?

SH: NO! I like your dad.

YH: you like him?

YH: how many times have you met him to say that you like him?

SH: Once.

SH: I saw him but I think his AURA (or presence) is really good.

YH: oh really?

MC : yeah , the father seemed like a good person.

SH: and your mother was very beautiful.

YH: since we are meeting in the morning, you like that?

SH: yes

SH: What are we going to do today ( at Busan).

YH: when we get to Busan, we have do important things.

SH: please tell me.

YH: we have to meet my parents, then my grandma,


YH: then meet my Aunt


YH: You have to meet my other Aunt:

SH: why are you doing this?

YH: we have to meet them throughout the whole day.

MC: oh this brings back memories. That person’s house was in Busan. I also took the train to get there.

MC: oh taking the train ride back by yourself would have been so hard.

SH: hurry, except that where are we going?

SH: Fish! (sushi)

YH: you want to eat sushi?

SH: I think I have to eat it.

YH: you’re going all the way to Busan why are you going to eat fish?

SH: Then what are we supposed to eat?

YH: since we are in Busan we have to eat hamburgers.

SH: Oh what?

MC: he is playing around again.

YH: you look like you’re going to hit me.

YH: Joohyun ah~ you have this side to you…

YH: It’s been a while since I went away

SH: yeah you are right. Then, when I first speak with your mother, I greet her with the Busan accent!

YH: ok lets try it. Is it different between girls and boys?

SH: oppa, how do you say hello?

YH I just say…. Parents… oh you came?

SH: oh! Why do you say it like that? (I’m guessing so bluntly and informally)

YH: it’s not like that…

SH: Oh Mom, You came.

YH: it’s not like that… it’s a lot of words bunched up into one.

YH: Oh, mother have you been doing well? + Oh Mother, I missed you. Is all rolled up into one. Mother, when did you get here?

SH: what is that!?

YH: it’s the truth

SH: So, what , right when I meet her I say Mother you came?

YH: oh no, for you it’s different.

YH: Hello mother, I really wanted to meet you.

SH: I really wanted to meet you

YH: Mother

SH: Mother

YH: I REALLY wanted to SEE you.

SH: I REALLY wanted to SEE you.

YH: wanted TO SEE you.

SH: wanted TO SEE you.

YH: oh it’s good. You do it well.

SH: do I do it well?

YH & SH: Mother! I REALLY wanted to SEE you.

YH: this how my mother speaks. OH~ Seohyun HELLO~ Please take care of yonghwa

YH: Please treat me well, you don’t have to worry.

SH: that, I’ll tell her later.

YH: then what…

SH: oh it’s nothing.

YH: Don’t smile with the eyes.

SH: I am not.

YH: my heart is beating faster because of it.

SH: OHHHh@!~~@!((~)*)!^&!

SH: mother,

SH: (w/ the accent) I really wanted to see you. Have you been well?

YH: you do it well.

SH: I do it well?

YH: yeah. You have to greet her like that.

SH: I understand

YH: Oh right I bought a present.

SH: what kind of present?

YH: wait a sec.

MC: without any warning, what is the present?

YH: when I was off buying my mother a present, I bought myself one and bought one for you.

MC: OHH I like how he just randomly brought it out.

YH: my mom said she needed a pair of sunglasses so I bought that and I bought you a pair of glasses.

SH: really? REALLY

YH: yeah really.

YH: Open it.

YH: what?!

SH: Something feels suspicious.

YH: Glasses are suspicious?

SH: I understand. 1 2 3!

YH: I bought it, I bought it, I bought it.


YH: They cut the price down. My rims are blue and yours is SNSD color.

MC: oh so that is why Yonghwa was wearing glasses.

MC: so it’s just to say that he bought the glasses.

SH: *makes heartbeat noise* tada!

YH: you have to unwrap one more layer.

SH: … there are a lot of Layers. Ohh! It’s pretty!

SH: thank you

YH: try it on.

SH: but glasses really don’t look good on me

YH: Even if it doesn’t look good, try them on. Why do you pretend that you don’t wear glasses?

SH: I don’t wear glasses.

YH: you did wear them before.

SH: no I don’t.

YH: I remember many years ago,

SH: I did wear them many years ago.

YH: Yeah, I saw you in a shop wearing them.

YH: you probably don’t remember. I was still then a trainee

SH: really?

YH: I can’t forget you in a bookstore reading a book with glasses on.

YH: everyone was sleeping but you were reading. I felt that you were special (somewhat different) from that moment on. Red glasses.

MC: oh she remembers!

YH: I want to forget it but I can’t

SH: I shall try it on. Oh but it really doesn’t work on me.

YH: it’s ok.

YH: oh it.. it’s good.

SH: it’s ok?

YH: it looks good on you (2x)

SH: Do you have a mirror?

YH: My eyes?

SH: I don’t see anything. But anyway thank you so much.

YH: it looks good.

SH: It looks good? You sure?

YH: it looks good.

MC: She looks good, she looks pretty.

SH: it’s awkward!

SH: I understand, since you bought it for me I have to wear it.

SH: now it’s getting hot, I have to take this off. I have something that I was wondering about.

YH: ask me a little bit later.

SH: alright.

YH: so what is it?

SH: Oh what is this?

YH: what is said between us, I don’t want others to hear it.

MC: ohhh! Why is he like that again.

YH: what is it? Tell me quickly!

SH raises her hands

YH: what is this?

SH: I’ve seen something funny.

YH: what have you seen that is funny?

SH: *in a Busan accent* DON’T FILM ME!!

MC: ohh it’s the video of him during his High School years, before he debuted.

*I can’t make out what the MC’s are saying.*

YH: it was during my 2nd year in High school.

SH: that video was really funny.

SH: do you still meet up with those friends?

YH: I do called them. But most of them are in the army.

SH: Oh the army.

SH: tada!

MC: ah~ I remember those.

SH: then, I’ll be sleeping.

YH: Seohyun, right here, right here.

MC: OHHH! He’s telling her to lean on his shoulder.

YH: right here


YH: don’t smear your makeup on me though

SH: oh really…

SH: I got it.

YH: Seohyun, It’s a white shirt.

MC: oh but he is saying not to get any makeup on his shirt. Why does he have to say unnecessary things?

MC: oh she leaned on him


MC: oh! Look at them!

SH: oh REALLY! I’ll be sleeping.

YH: Sleep well Seohyun.

MC: oh they get really close to each other!

YH: it’s ok now?

SH: yes, I’m comfortable.

YH: sleep well

SH: Ok

YH: give me some cover too.

MC: oh~ you can hold hands under the cover

MC: I’m so jealous! Do you want to cover up with my skirt?

SH: Mother! I really wanted to meet you.

MC: she is practicing huh?

MC: she is keeping practicing.

YH: have you been well?

MC: Lizzy, you’re from Busan.

Lizzy: Oh I can do it well.

MC: talking in a Seoul accent is hard

Lizzy: I can do it completely well!

SH: the weather all of a sudden became nice

YH: it’s because we are in Busan. Oh it’s Busan! It’s Busan!

On the microphone: Please get your belonging ready….

YH: I got it.

YH: welcome to dynamic Busan!

YH: mother where are you?

YHmom: OHHH YONGHWA! I’m outside! You already came?

YH: we got off (as in we got off the train)

MC: I have a feeling that all Busan moms sound like that.

<outside the co-op is the mother in law.

MC: Yonghwa sounds really excited

SH: mother!

YH: Mother!

Lizzy: mother!

MC’s: mother.

SH: MOTher, Have you BEEN DOING Well?

YH: Oh~! Seohyun! Have you ever lived in Busan before?

SH: I just learned it

YH: I JUST learned it

SH: I JUST learn it

MC: it’s fun when talking in a Busan accent.

MC: yeah it’s fun its like learning a new language.

SH: mother,

YH: wow It’s been a while since I’ve been here.

SH: oh! And the weather is nice!

SH: Mother…


SH: oh! Hello!

YH: oh wow! Mother looks really cool today.

SH: Hello!

YHmom: it’s nice to meet you!


YH: you look so cool!

SH: really! You look so pretty!


YH: She practiced her accent to say that to you.

YHmom: oh really!? Say it again.

SH: MOTher, I REALLY wanted TO SEE you

YHMom: Oh really!?

MC: Yonghwa’s mom s really beautiful.

YH: You came out looking cool!

YHmom: This is how I originally look! Anyway my daughter in law was coming today, I had to look nice!

SH: have you been doing well?

YHmom: yes, I have been doing well. You’re hungry right?

SH: yes, a little bit.

YHmom: lets go eat something really good today.

MC: its like seeing a mom and daughter together. And yonghwa looks like… another relative

MC: but seeing this is more beautiful

YHmom: shall we go?

YH: lets go!

YHmom: have you even been to Busan before?

SH:I have but I never got the chance to look around.

YHmom: what do you want to see the most?

SH: Haeundae (a little city/town by the beach)

YHMom: oh really!?

YH: REALLY? My mom has a lot of Aeygo.

SH: yes! I really like it.

YHmom: I couldn’t sleep well yesterday.

YH: Why? Is it because I was coming down today?

YHmom: No, besides you. I kept thinking of Seohyun.

SH: Oh really?!

MC: oh yonghwa must have felt sad

YHMom: I don’t have any daughters. I have never been introduced to a girlfriend before.


SH: really?

YH: you’re the first girl.

YHMom: what am I supposed to do….when I meet Seohyun do I have to raise my voice?

SH: please speak however makes you more comfortable.

YHmom: but for some weird reason I keep talking in banmal.

SH: thank you very much.

YHMom: I can speak in Banmal right?


MC: I have to do that to later on when I see my daughter in law. I can speak in banmal right?

MC: OH! It’s so scary/awkward!

YH: Before Seohyun was preparing her greetings, insisting on greeting you with a busan accent.

YHmom: you didn’t say it.

YH: no she did it…

YHMom: oh she did it.

YH: Seohyun, try it again once more.

SH: right now?

YHmom: can you do again?

SH: I can do it well. MOTher, HAVE YOU BEEN well?

YHMom: It’s a little bit weird

YHMom: It’s a little weird. Original version is… Mother, have you been doing well?

YHMom: Ahh It’s BEEN a WHile

YH: oh this is the important part,

YH & YHMom: AH,~ It’s been a while

Everyone: Ahh it’s been a while!

YH: Looks very cool

MC: Kka lee Ah Nae ( same this as cool in seoul dialect but kka lle ah nae is in the busan dialect)

YHMom: Is this place suitable for you?

SH: yes! It’s very pretty!

YH: yahh it’s really nice.

SH: So you grew up here looking at all of this. I envy you. Ah~ it’s nice

Store owner: HELLO!

YH: sit down~

SH: yes

YHMom: is it suitable for you?

SH: yes, it’s so pretty

YHMom: when you’re at home, the mother should come and make good food….

SH: oh it’s alright.

YHMom: Next time I’ll cook you something really nice at home.

YH: I’ll do it~ (aeygo )

YHMom: am I acting strangely?

MC: oh ~ the mom is adorable.

MC: during that time, the man has to loosen the tension.

YH: are you uncomfortable?

SH: no I’m not, why are you doing this?

SH: I wrote it down.

SH: I wrote it down in my diary, but

MC: She did write everything.

SH: but when I look back and think about it, it looked like as if it was an interview, back then I said wait a minute, looked down then asked another question back then. I just wrote them down and said that I just have to remember them. But as soon as I sat down… I couldn’t remember any of the questions.

1)when yong was a child, what kind of child was he during, kindergarden, elementary, junior high and high school?

2) what did yong like back then

MC: It feels exactly like an interview

SH: yep. ACK!

YHMom: I suddenly feel like a old woman. You coming down with your wife.

YH: I was already a grown man.

YHMom: Yonghwa is always playful

SH: but even then he still takes care of me

YH: I’m not a playful person.

SH & YHMom: You are a playful person.

SH: What was he like when he was younger?

YHMom: when yong was younger? He was a very lovable child? Where ever he goes, everyone loved him He is my son.

YH: I was a lovable kid.

YHMom; Yonghwa doesn’t call you much does he?

SH: oh yes.

YHMom: at the beginning I was really sadden by that. ( I really don’t understand this part SRRY GUYS!) But I think that that is Yonghwa’s style. Deep inside he does have the feelings

MC: Usually that’s applies all sons

YHMom: you do that to her too ?

YH: no, You’re comfortable…

SH:… probably…

SH: when we are here he have to do well!

YHMom: Please call often!

YH: Alright….

SH: Let all the feelings out to your parents.

YHMom: when I went to your dorm, there was the kimchi that you made Seohyun.

MC: you remember this!? Sea water kimchi!

YHMom: when I first saw it I was surprised. This kimchi box looks sort of weird. This is kimchi…..but it looks sort of off..

SH: It was really my first time make it so I put too much salt in it.

YH: you learn one thing at a time. I ate all of it, Seohyun. I ate it deliciously.

SH: really?

YHMom: it would be fine if it ripens and it would taste cool.

YH: pwahah taste cool.

SH: did you taste it?

YHMom: yes.


YHMom: it has the taste of kimchi!

MC: it prob. Tasted like it b/c it is made from cabbage.

MC: her face became all red.

YHMom: have you learned how to cook?

SH: I do have a lot of interest in cooking but I haven’t been able to try cooking. But I am now.

YHMom: Like what?

MC: OHHHH like what!?!

YHMom: Oh my goodness, I sound like a stereotypical mother in law!

SH: kimchi-stew, and Curry.

YHMom: ohh Curry is the easiest to make,

SH: to tell you the truth I can’t cook that well. But I would like to learn from you and make a delicious meal.







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