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SNSD’s Seohyun in red-frame glasses

Posted on: 09/01/2011

As mentioned in WGM YongSeo episode 39, Yonghwa bought a pair of couple glasses for Seohyun. Yonghwa’s glass rims blue in color and Seohyun’s is in SNSD color (pink). While Seohyun denied that she wears glasses, Yonghwa exposed the fact that she did wear glasses many years ago because he saw her wearing a red-framed glasses in a bookstore reading a book.

Some fans have found 2 past photos of Seohyun wearing the red framed glasses and I have decided to share with you guys.


There is 1 more photo under the flip and the conversation mentioned above.

photo credits to insideout@soompi



Here’s the conversation

YH: I bought it, I bought it, I bought it.
YH: They cut the price down. My rims are blue and yours is SNSD color.
MC: oh so that is why Yonghwa was wearing glasses.
MC: so it’s just to say that he bought the glasses.
SH: *makes heartbeat noise* tada!
YH: you have to unwrap one more layer.
SH: … there are a lot of Layers. Ohh! It’s pretty!
SH: thank you
YH: try it on.
SH: but glasses really don’t look good on me
YH: Even if it doesn’t look good, try them on. Why do you pretend that you don’t wear glasses?
[what is this story?]
SH: I don’t wear glasses.
YH: you did wear them before.
SH: no I don’t.
YH: I remember many years ago,
SH: I did wear them many years ago.
YH: Yeah, I saw you in a shop wearing them.
[he saw her many years ago in a shop?!]
YH: you probably don’t remember. I was still then a trainee
SH: really?
YH: I can’t forget you in a bookstore reading a book with glasses on.
[was it a fan?]
YH: everyone was sleeping but you were reading. I felt that you were special (somewhat different) from that moment on. Red glasses.
MC: oh she remembers!
YH: I want to forget it but I can’t
SH: I shall try it on. Oh but it really doesn’t work on me.
YH: it’s ok.
[extremely careful]
YH: oh it.. it’s good.
SH: it’s ok?
YH: it looks good on you (2x)
SH: Do you have a mirror?
YH: My eyes?
SH: I don’t see anything. But anyway thank you so much.
YH: it looks good.
SH: It looks good? You sure?
YH: it looks good.
MC: She looks good, she looks pretty.
SH: it’s awkward!
[she is cute]
SH: I understand, since you bought it for me I have to wear it.

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