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110109 Yoona at Hong Kong Airport (Fantaken)

Posted on: 10/01/2011

Recently, there has been rumors going around saying that Yoona went to Hong Kong for vacation and bought a number ofGucci products. Well, the shopping could be just a rumor but Yoona indeed went to for a short vacation after the 2010 year-end performances. Yoona’s Hong Kong fans took photos and fancam of her at the Hong Kong Airport on 9th Jan and shared with the rest of her fans all around the world.


Check under the flip for the photos and fancams


photos credits to,  snomono, Breath,



fancam credits to edwin818snsd@yt, Coo1Ahau@yt and TheSosius@yt






1 Response to "110109 Yoona at Hong Kong Airport (Fantaken)"

[…] in Aigoo’s post, Yoona was spotted in HongKong having holiday, and as shown below is a blur picture of dear Yuri in […]

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