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SNSD Thread with 35481 pages? Longest thread for spazzing @!

Posted on: 13/01/2011

Seriously…. take a look at this picture.

The creators of HWZ are pouring out cash as we speak to buy more bandwidth to cater to the high traffic everyday, and to add on to the problem, Sones in hardwarezone forums are giving a hard time to the mods!

URL for the closed thread:

So looking at the evidence, i guess we would be right to say that PC geeks love SNSD to the core yeah? What really amazes us is that, although the first thread was closed on November 12 2010, another thread was opened on the same date, and then closed about 60 days later! Number of pages? 5648 is the magic number.

 URL for the second closed thread:

Opened on 5th of January 2011 till date (mmm 7 days old i guess?), the number of pages totalled 667.

URL for the new thread:

Edit* Seems like they closed the thread again, here is the latest:

And to think that most of the traffic to HWZ is from my hometown little Singapore.. with only 5 million inhabitants. Evidence is shown below. Singapore does’nt even have an official Sones Fanclub!

Singapore Sones Hwaiting!!!

Random Clip of Taeyeon and Tiffany saying “Sone”



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