Aigoo Chingoo

SNSD INTEL Visual Dreams Teaser HD

Posted on: 14/01/2011

SNSD INTEL Visual Dreams Teaser HD has been unveiled! Check under the flip for the video!

SNSD have announced that they’ll be releasing a new song on January 16th as part of their “Intel” promotions. Titled “Visual Dream“, the Intel theme song’s video teaser has been unveiled today(14th Jan) !  The full music video will be released on the 17th Jan. The video is said to have a futuristic theme, and it’s rumored that SNSD’s ‘robot dance’ is sure to be another choreography phenomenon.

As spokesmodels for the electronics company, SNSD appear at the Intel product fair on the 18th in Seoul. They’ll also be performing “Visual Dream” for the very first time at this event.







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