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WGM YongSeo Goguma Couple Episode 40 Raw [Translations Available!]

Posted on: 15/01/2011

Its out!

Upload Credits: putputys @ youtube


<the brackets mean the wording >

Y= Yong

S= Seohyun 

YM= Yong’s Mom

Y: I bought a present

YM: Present?

<why a present?>

<Tough TAK!>

<Busan man style>

Y: I took away your sunglasses. 

YM: It’s something that I like though…

<anticipation anticipation>

YM: OMO!!!


S: It’s pretty!

<Wine colored sunglasses>

YM: oh, Wine colored?

S: do you like the color of red wine?

MC: Oh aren’t the glasses too big?

Y: Oh it looks good on you.

S: Oh it looks good on you. 

S: You look pretty.


S: It really looks good on you.

YM: I’m pretty?

S: yes!

<the mom who like to be call pretty by her son>

<thank you>

YM: I’ll wear it well. 

<finally the food has come out>

Y: I’ll eat well

S: I’ll eat well.

Y: Why aren’t you eating?

S: I’ll eat after mother starts eating.

MC: OH look at that!

YM: Oh I picked up the utensil

MC: I wished my future daughter in law is like that.

MC: Oh look the mom is constantly looks at her.

S: Oh it looks delicious

Y: Try this

S: yes.

MC: Oh it looks soo good!

MC: OH NO! mother has to be served first!


YM: You have to give me also.

<you have to give mother…!>

MC: See I was right! 

Y: I was going too… I gave the person close to me ….first.

MC: Oh I think she is going to be annoyed.

MC: and it’s been a while since she saw her son.

<that’s not it>

YM: that’s not it…

MC: He should have given the mom first.

<taken aback>


S: Give to mother first.

MC: Of course.

YM: I get jealous too

<I get jealous too daughter in law!>

Y: what was it the movie we watched (Oll Ga Me), after she watched that she said should I act like the ollgame mother?

<Later, should I act like the oll ga me mother?>

YM: In the movie the mother in law was jealous, she later kills the daughter in law.

<She kills the daughter in law?!>


MC: Isn’t that the movie w/ Choi Shi Woo?



S: Really?

YM: later in the movie the mother and daughter in law began to fight!!!

<in front of the daughter in law, the cute mother who’s accent has come out>

YM: When Yong write that letter to Seohyun, I was so surprised when he made the guide book.

S: Have you ever seen him like that before?

Y: She didn’t see me like that before.

YM: I’ve never seen him like that before.

S: Oh really?

YM: Whenever he wrote to us… every time the writing was the same. 

<oh gosh, The writing was the same!>

MC: How many years did he do that!

MC: the mom is jealous!

S: Really?

YM: Mom dad, thank you for having me.

MC: Wow it’s like a greeting

<Mom, dad, thank you for having me. I’ll grow up well. Please be healthy and live very very long!>

YM: I’ll grow up well. Please be healthy and live very very long! But to Soehyun you write so many letters to her…

Y: Yeah, but usually I’m not the type of guy who would usually write letters.

<the mom who was surprised with her sons reaction to Hyun>

Y: I usually don’t do that. (saying he usually doesn’t write)

S: Oh I see. 

<If it wasn’t for the mother she wouldn’t have known that about her husband>

YM: It was the same for a book. When he was in junior high school to his junior year in high school it was the same. What was the title of it again? 

S: What is it?

<Yong who is the victim to the smart daughter in law and mother>

<at the right time, busan sushi enters>

MC: oh I want to eat some.

Lizzy: wow… really…

S: I’ll eat well.

YM: this tastes good.

<as soon as she picks it up…straight towards the daughter inlaw>

S: thank you so much.

<the >

S: Oh! It tastes good! Please eat more.

<seeing his mom>

<Seeing his wife>

YM: Eat a lot of sushi and go back.

Y: yes

S: yes.


MC: When you go to those kinds of places you have to eat well.

<again in>

<Hyun who is really eating well>

MC: she is eating well.



<quickly picked up…>

<daughter in law love>

S: oh thank you.

<she firsts dips it into the chili paste>

YM: You eat well. 

S: It tastes good! 

S: mother I’ll be right back from the bathroom.

<Hyun leaves her seat for just a moment>

MC: The mother prob. went through what hyun is going through so this must be a new feeling especially since it’s the first girl he brought home.

YM: Eat more sushi.

Y: Yeah. So what do you think of Seohyun?

YM: She is pretty, kind and very upright. Compared to girls now a days. 

<The mother who is very satisfies w/ hyun>

YM: and I think she will be very good to you. Why don’t you be good to her.

Y: I’ll be good.

YM: your characters match so well.

<the mom who is giving good advice to her youngest son. 

YM: She satisfies me. (meaning she approves)

MC: It really looks as if the mother in law really approves of her.

<the widely smiling face>

YM: what about you yong?

Y: of course I’m satisfied with her she is my wife.

<while smiling widely>

YM: you have to treat her well.

<can’t look at his mother in the eyes.

YM: Girls usually get upset by the little things not the big >

<Wife Hyun comes back in>

Y: Seohyun, quickly eat, there aren’t a lot left.

YM: Try this.

Y: This? What is it?

<sea cucmber?!>

Y: oh really?

MC: oh that’s really good.

S: oh it’s a sea cucumber?

MC: Oh isn’t that good for the body?



MC: it looks like she never tried it before.

MC: it’s because sometimes people who get queasy easily usually can’t eat it.


YM: Try it

S: yes… 

Y: if you didn’t want to eat it, you don’t have too.

YM: Try a little bit.

< the person who is wants to give to the daughter in law b/c its good for her.>

S: Its…. Good for the body… right?

S: … oh… oh… yes….

< can’t say that the taste is good>


<and again!>

YM: do you know how to eat this?

<sea squirt…!>

S: I never tried that before.

YM: You never tired it?

<the girl from Seoul who is unfamiliar with seafood>

YM: to tell you the truth you have to eat this first.

S: oh really?

MC: Oh but it does taste good

MC: will hyun be ok?

S: Oh..

YM: What? (wrong?)

<still can’t swallow…>

Y: its sour 

<without knowing her face shows it.>

YM: Is it weird?

<not it s not mother!>

<still taking it in>


<you’re putting a lot of effort wife.>

MC: she can’t even swallow it yet!

YM: it smells a little but like the sea right?

<smells a little like the sea!?

S: it’s ok.

YM: ohh hahaha Eat a lot~

Y: if you drink water it becomes sweet.

S: oh really?

MC: if it was in front of her mother in law she would even most likely eat rocks if she needed!

Y: yeah, if you drink water, it becomes sweet

S: oh! It’s delicious!

<till the end… >

<it’s delicious~

S: did I dip it too much into the sauce?

Y: no its not. It’s ok. You ate it well. 

S: it tasted good.

MC: whenever the girl puts some effort when she is in front of the mother in law, does it make her look pretty?

MC’s : Of course it’s pretty. 

YM: what is this?

Waitress: Minke Whale

MC: Minke whale!?

<this is whale meat!?>

MC: I never tried that before.

S: there is a lot of things that I ate for the first time today.

YM: dip it a little there and give it to her. Feed it to her.

<put it in her mouth>

<the mother who wants to see her son feed his wife>


<showing affections in front of the mother in law?!>

Y: eat it.

S: wait a minute

Y: it’s sam-gyup-sal (Korean bacon)

<without knowing her smile widens ^-^>

S: It’s really delicious!

YM: oh really? You eat well.

<am I doing well? Slightly relieved>

<hyun who is getting advice from the mother>

S: while you were watching us being married, because I am still lacking, he always comes to my level.

Y: I’ve never done that.

S: no, you always do that.

YM: when I was watching, there isn’t a lot to fix because if you just take care of yong well your feelings will be eventually expressed. You’re doing well. It’s yong who has to do well.

<the mom and daughter in law who are affectionate while the sound is pushed out>

S: this is the goguma that we planted. Shall we open it?

<thewrapped up goguma that is given to the mother>

YM: oh the ones where you planted yourselves?


S: yes. Even though we worked hard…

MC: Oh it’s goguma!

MC: oh they presented it very prettily 

<the bad harvest w/ the radish-like goguma>

YM: Oh wow it grew beautifully.

MC: oh, out of the pile it’s the best ones… the one they sent us were really tiny. 

MC: it was this tiny

MC: mother! That is special A goguma!

Y: we selected the only pretty ones.

YM: I’ll eat it well!

S: over… there, can you hand me the shopping bag?

<and then…>

Y: what is it?

MC: she prepared something else, Soehyun-shi

<wide eyed>

<what can it be?>

<the husband not knowing>

Y: what is it?

S: this is a present for you mother.

<Hyun who has prepared another present>

YM: oh how can I receive this!

MC: Oh Duty Free!

S: it’s Glucosamine and omega 3

<while in Japan bought…. Healthy presents>

YM: Glucosamine for joints 

S: yes

YM: I… already have to take these?

S: oh but its also for people like me who constantly dance we already take these.

YM: oh I’m so thankful. I didn’t even prepare anything. 

S: oh no, it’s not a problem… this whole thing. And also this…

<in no way…. Again?>

MC: she has something else?

<she has another present!>

S: And this is…this is for mother. It’s a scarf.

MC: Mother hit the jackpot today!

MC: to impress the mom you have to give her some presents. 

Y: It’s fancy

YM: it’s fancy~ can I open it?

S: Yes

YM: She only bought things that I like.

S: oh really?

<will the mother like it…>

YM: it’s pretty.

<wine colored scarf>

MC: oh it’s pretty!

MC: it’s pretty! Pretty!

<and then…>

YM: letter?

S: oh, no it’s not…

YM: how to wear the scarf advice book?? So that is what it is.

<oh that’s what it is>

YM: oh the color is really pretty and it’s elegant. After this I have to try it. 

S: Oh! It really does look good on you. You look good in wine like colors.

MC: oh so that is why she asked if she like the color of wine. 

<that’s why she asked if she like the color before>

YM: with the sunglasses… is it a set? ^-^?! Should I try it on?

S: yes!

YM: alright!

YM: I’ll try it on both.

MC: the mom got excited



YM: should we go to Italy?

MC: After she puts on the glasses she should walk out to the beach.

MC: oh she looks good

<Mrs. Italy>

S: oh she looks good.

YM: I’m I pretty?

S: Yes.

Y: you look pretty.. Pretty pretty pretty.

<the happy son ^^>

<watching the happy mother>

S: and this is for father and for the older brother.

MC: you’re doing well.

MC: oh she prepared for the whole family.

S: it’s a couple scarf so the colors are similar.

YM: I’ll hand it to them well. Thank you so much.

S: It’s nothing.

S: and this… is a letter.

YM: Oh so there is a letter!

<she prepared it>

<there is a letter…!>

MC: out of everything I think the letter is what she most wanted.

YM: Should I read it now? Or should I read it later?

S: oh you can read it now.

Hyun’s letter.

Translated by :baidu gogumas

Hello Father and Mother. I am very nervous since this is my first time greeting both of you formally. yong oppa has always been accomodating the inadequate me in all circumstance. and he understands me well. really thank you. it is all because of father and mother’s succesful teachings. i will work hard to be a wise wife for yonghwa oppa. to be a daughter in law that father and mother proud of. wish both of you good health. Daughter-in-law Hyun

MC: oh she write it really nicely.

Y: what? 

YM: no I suddenly got impressed.


MC: Oh she succeeded!

< the letter in which the daughter in law impressed her…>

MC: because if she gave the letter first she might have been eh about it but with two presents and a letter… you can’t help but be impressed.

<with two presents and letter you the impression can’t go away!>

<there has to be a formula to get the mother in laws love.>

YM: thank you so much.

MC: The mother’s face suddenly became brighter.

YM: every now and then I’ll read this.

Y: yes!

YM: thank you!

YM: but I didn’t prepare anything 

Y: I’m telling you it’s ok

S: oh it’s ok!

Y: it’s fine.

YM: Yong~ thank you!

Y: with what?

YM: You married well!

MC: Must be proud.

MC: I mean if the girl is like that who wouldn’t be?

YM: I think you bought too many presents

S: oh no its not. It’s my first time meeting you. It’s my first time greeting someone formally like this.

YM: so this is how it feels to receive a present from a daughter in law. I’m really happy

S: really?

MC: it looks like the atmosphere is comfortable.

S: please just comfortably think of me as a daughter.

<just think of me as a daughter>


YM: all of a sudden I feel as if I know you well. After getting your presents I want to be around you more ^^.

S: really!?

YM: I think we are getting closer now!

S: oh thank you

Y: You didn’t buy me a present?

S: I buy a lot for you.

<more than usual the well done good wife.>

<now the mother leaves the two>

Y: oh I’m stuffed!

YM: after you see the nice places, meet his friends and come back.

MC: oh looks like the mom is leaving now.

YM: tell your parents to stay safe and tell them that I am so grateful. And I’ll look forward to meeting them

S: I’ll see you again. Please return safely!

YM: have fun

<bye mom!>


S: Goodbye!

YM: I’m leaving!

<watches until the mother fully leaves>

Y: Oh the weather is nice.

S: You’re right

S: i

MC: It looks good

Y: We have to look at the beach.

S: yes!

Y: we have to look at the always darkly lit beach.

S: and always cold beach.

Y: cold and dark.

MC: oh looks good

MC: OH it’s San Francisco!

Y: oh the smell of the sea!

<smelling the sea>

S: this is the smell of the sea?

Y: yeah. You can’t tell? 

t’s not even cold.

S: I didn’t by any chance make a mistake did i?

Y: no you didn’t. you did really well.

<did well>

<did well>

Y: you’re the same as my mom, she said the same thing. She asked if she make any mistakes

MC: oh look they are holding hands comfortably

S: really?

Translation credits:  DDuk@soompi


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