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Khuntoria Episode 29 (english subbed)

Posted on: 16/01/2011

Check under the flip for the video cuts


f(x)’s Victoria and 2PM’s Nichkhun wrapped up their three-day honeymoon trip in Thailand on this week’s episode of MBC’s “We Got Married“.

On their last day, the “Khuntoria” couple had fun on the beach, with Victoria even getting personal swimming lessons from her “husband”. However, despite having a great time, the two could not hide their sadness upon thoughts of their last day together in Thailand. As it was their last day, Nichkhun held a surprise event for Victoria by giving her a delicious cake and heartfelt letter. Khun wrote a message to her saying, “I think we’ve gotten closer.” Also, Nichkhun’s family comes out to greet them farewell at the airport, and Victoria says her last goodbyes to them. At the airport, it was reported that Victoria showed how sad she was about leaving.


Credits to allkpop and RMsub



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