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YongSeo Episode 41 english subbed!

Posted on: 24/01/2011

the Attack of Busan seagulls and Yonghwa’s childhood friends. head under the flip for the remaining raw parts and translation english sub!


English subbed

credits to sonems



Raw cuts sorry part1 is down but i guess you guys will be watching the subbed ones instead

credits to putputys@yt




Part 1, starting at the 0:22 mark.

H: First of all…the weather was beautiful. And the meeting with my mother-in-law was over, which I was worried about. And now all that’s left is, to just enjoy myself.

Y: Ah, the ocean smell!

H: This ocean smell?

Y: Yeah. You don’t smell it?

H: I do, kind of.

Sub: Hyun getting excited over seeing the ocean

Y: Should we buy some snacks and herd the seagulls?

H: Seagulls? Okay.

Sub: The traditional game of any ocean trip à feeding the seagulls…

H: You’re not scared of seagulls?

Y: I’m not scared.

At the 1:00 mark.

Y: Seagulls would like shrimp crackers the best, right?

Owner: Yes, they do.

MC: It must be a present to the seagulls.

MC: Oh, shrimp crackers.

Sub: buying supplies to feed the seagulls…

Y: Yah, I finally get to step on to the white sand beach of Haewoondae.

H: I want to go down there!

Y: Just jump!

H: Let’s go!

Y: Look, it’s a seagull!

Y: Busan seagulls~ [NOTE: It’s an old Korean song.]

MC: Oh, the Busan natives should know this song.

MC: It’s the national anthem of Busan.

H: Look over there! It’s like they’re sunbathing.

Sub: Seagull flocks in the middle of tanning (?)

MC: Oh, it’s my first time seeing them up close.

H: Wow, it’s so cool.

H: Oh, they’re cute!

At the 2:00 mark.

Y: Yahh, they’re scary!

H: What?

H: I want to go down there!

Y: Did you ever try this before?

H: No, I haven’t.

Y: Yeah, me neither.

Sub: Both of them trying it for the first time…

H: Really?

Y: Yeah. I’ve always wanted to do it.

Sub: finally going down to the beach…

Y: Hey! Galmaeg~! [NOTE:‘Galmaegi’ is seagull in Korean.]

MC: I did it there once too.

MC: With who?

MC: With…er…my 2AM brothers.

MC: They told me they had never been there. Who did you go with?

Y: Should we walk down?

H: Okay.

Y: Kids! Let’s eat!

H: Maegi, maegi! [NOTE: See above note.] They’re running away?

Sub: the seagulls not paying much attention…

Y: Hey, guys!

Sub: suddenly!

Sub: the seagulls reacting to the shrimp crackers…

MC: Oh, it’s like in that one Hitchcock movie, with the birds…

Sub: the seagulls catching everything that’s thrown at them…!

At the 3:05 mark.

MC: It’s like a horror movie.

MC: The seagull brigade…

Sub: in the middle of that…

Y: Seohyun, let’s go!

Sub: hurriedly taking care of his wife…

Sub: running away…

MC: Oh, look at that!

Sub: in the end…!

Sub: gives up the entire bag…

MC: They lost it.

Sub: barely escaping…

MC: They must’ve bought it to look romantic…

Y: I looked up, and…I really couldn’t see the sky at all. Because the seagulls, just…I was so surprised, I left Seohyun behind.

MC: He ditches Seohyun to save himself.

Y: And then I remembered, so I went back to get her.

H: Why did you throw it away? We need to get it back.

At the 4:00 mark.

H: The chips, the chips.

H: Hurry.

Sub: being led by her hand…

Sub: on their way to rescue (?) the shrimp crackers

Y: How do we get in there?

H: Do it while yelling “Wuuhhhhhh.”

Sub: Charge…!

Y: Go away!

H: Go away! Pigeons!

MC: She called them pigeons.

Y: I wonder how they smell it?

H: I know, right.

H: I think they’re going to surround us again.

Sub: trying again…

MC: A lot of them are coming again!

Sub: success!

Sub: with their luck…one more time!

At the 5:00 mark.

Sub: the seagulls flocking from the smell!

Y: Hey, run away!

MC: That looks fun!

Y: No, no, I’m not giving you any!

MC: The seagulls’ love for shrimp crackers is close to godliness

MC: When the seagulls turn angry, they take a dump.

MC: On their heads.

MC: Look at his leg!

Y: They look like kites.

MC: Not giving up, trying to feed them again…!

Y: Yeah! Okay, next!

MC: When I do that, I don’t do itlike that.

MC: How do you do it?

At the 6:00 mark.

MC: You have to call their names. Jonathan! Sebastian!

Y: Here, you try.

Sub: Hyun tries it too…

Y: Stay still.

H: Wow! It’s fun.

MC: It’s fun, she says.

Sub: looks like they’re getting closer ^^

H: Now it’s getting…a little tired. It’s really fun, though.

H: The next day, I got cramps in my legs. Really. At the time, it was so fun and exciting, so I didn’t notice, but then I thought about it and I realized that I had run so much.

Y: I now know…how to go back to our house with the seagulls in tow. I can go back to Sangdo-dong with them.With the cookies…about 300 seagulls.

Sub: after spending some time with the Busan seagulls…

Y: Move! I’m leaving, I’m going to leave! Don’t come near me!

At the 7:00 mark.

Y: Hyung’s going to leave.

Sub: just then!

H: Waaaah!

H: They went to the grandmother over there!

Sub: the seagull-calling maiden

MC: Wow, I never saw that happen.

Sub: Haewoondae seagull ahjumma appears

Sub: suddenly!

H: Wahh!

Sub: seagull master trainer Yong…?!!

Sub: b.u.t.!

Sub: his seagull friends all flying away

Sub: after running their hearts out with the Busan seagulls

H: Ahh~it’s nice.

MC: Both of them seem tired out.

Y: Let’s go ride the boat!

H: Boat?

Y: Riding the boat.

Sea: suddenly bringing up a boat…?!

H: What boat?

Y: “Busan’s Landmark, Amazing Tours.”

At the 8:00 mark.

H: Is that what we’re riding?

Y: Yeah, that goes all the way to America.

H: Really. How many days does it take?

Sub: Hyun’s jokes getting similar to Yong’s

Y: Around 35 days?

MC: That boat goes around Oryook-do. [NOTE: An island off the coast of Busan.]

MC: Oh, on the boat.

MC: There’s a song about that, “The boat going around…” is that what it’s about?

Sub: coming to ride the cruise ship

Y: If both a goguma and I fall into the sea, which one would you save?

H: Of course I’d save the goguma.

MC: She would save the goguma.

MC: Well, they’re the goguma couple, after all.

Sub: time to ride the boat…

H: Wow, it’s so nice~!

MC: It’s really nice!

At the 9:00 mark.

MC: Jonghyun, you know that place, right?

Sub: today’s Busan guide, Jonghyun

MC: Actually, Busan natives probably don’t know Oryook-do that well.

MC: From all the Busan people I’ve known, you’re the only one that doesn’t know about Oryook-do.

Sub: the boat finally starts…

H: Should we sit here?

H: Oh, thank you. You’re cold, right?

Y: No, I’m fine.

H: Isn’t it a bit like a kimbap? [NOTE: Korean sushi roll, where you roll a black piece of seaweed around the insides, usually consisting of white rice and a variety of vegetables.]

Y: Kimbap?

H: I’m not really cold…are you cold?

Y: My hands are cold.

H: Is that warm?

Y: Yeah.

Moving on to Part 2.

Sub: finally…!

Captain: I’ll be giving a talk about Oryook-do.

Sub: the captain’s informative talk begins

Sub: the two people deeply~falling into the Haewoondae tour

Sub: Oryook-do, depending on the direction in which it is looked at…can be either 5 islands or six islands…[NOTE: 5 = ‘oh’. 6 = ‘yook’. Put together, it is pronounced ‘oryook’, or literally, ‘5-6’. So the island’s name in English would be “five-six island”.]

MC: Oh, so the number of islands can change depending on the direction.

Sub: And…!

Captain: you will see a white substance(?) flowing down the island.

Sub: a white island on top of the blue ocean…!

Captain: those would be the excrement of birds.

MC: excrement of birds.

Sub: a whi~te work of art…!

H: Wow, it’s the best, right?

Sub: the captain’s lecture(?) ends~!

Sub: going around the Haewoondae sea

At the 1:00 mark.

Sub: returning to the pier~

Sub: the couple finishing their cruise

Y: It’s getting dark.

H: Those people don’t seem scared.

Y: They’re veterans.

H: It seems to be getting colder.

Y: Seohyun.

H: Why did you do that?

Sub: Had done a lock-armed version at their Japan trip

Y: I thought a lot about that.

H: What kind of thoughts?

Y: Seohyun actually did it.

H: Ha! Really?

Y: This is important.

H: But I was comfortable…

Y: Really?

At the 2:00 mark.

H: Yeah, it’s comfortable when it’s like…but your hand…

Sub: then…

H: Today, something…is missing.

Sub: something is suddenly missing…?!

Y: What?

H: What can it be?

Y: What is it?

H: I…my neck is missing something.

MC: Does she want a scarf?

H: I wonder why?

Y: Huh?

H: Sit.

Y: Why is your neck feeling empty?

H: It’s just missing something.

Y: The necklace?

H: That’s right.

Sub: about the necklace…

Y: the butterfly necklace?

H: Yeah!

MC: Oh, the one he gave as a present?

Sub: his birthday present to her at Ganghwa-do

H: Do you remember what it looks like?

Y: Of course I remember.

H: Do you think you would know if I had it on?

At the 3:00 mark.

Y: I would know if I saw.

H: Ahhh, really!

Y: What?

H: You don’t have very good eyes.

Y: Why?

H: Do you know how much I’ve been wearing the butterfly necklace?

MC: She had it on in Japan, too. And in Ganghwa-do.

Sub: if it’s with Yonghwa, the necklace is always there…!

H: You don’t know, right?

MC: His face doesn’t know about it at all.

H: I did it the last time, and the time before that, and I always had it on! And you didn’t know about it.

Sub: But Yong didn’t know!?

Y: Oh, I knew about that!

H: What?? Really? Are you sure you didn’t know about it?

Y: Why wouldn’t I know that?

H: I thought you didn’t know.

Y: Why wouldn’t I?

H: Because you didn’t say anything.

Y: Oh, like “You have it on today~”?

H: Yeah.

At the 4:00 mark.

MC: She wanted to hear things like, “Oh, it looks pretty…”

MC: That one phrase…

MC: Is that so hard?

H: I thought you had forgotten about it.

Y: The present? Why would I forget about that, I paid for it!

Sub: this is the way a man works(?)!

MC: So simple.

H: I thought you didn’t know.

MC: But if he doesn’t express it, how would she know.

H: I shouldn’t wear it next time. I think Yong oppa’s, like, he wouldn’t say anything when I do it, but would ask about it if I’m not wearing it. Should I try doing that?

PD: Are you upset?

H: Not exactly upset, but…yeah, I guess I’m upset.

Y: I always saw her wearing it, but I didn’t know I was supposed to say something about it. Next time, when I see it, I’m going to mention it a lot.

H: Then I guess I’ll put it back on.

At the 5:00 mark.

Sub: was hiding the necklace…

MC: She has it with her?

Y: But then, in the morning,you…#$@%$!^!^& [NOTE: Undecipherable, sorry…I tried my best… ]

H: You didn’t do it!

Y: Okay, okay. So that’s what you wanted, our Seohyun…

H: What do you mean, want? Ah, really…

Y: I was just looking at it, like “oh, she has it on…”

H: Ahhh, really, my…

Y: What?

H: Nothing.

H: Really…

Y: You probably wouldn’t know~ if you had the butterfly necklace on~ [NOTE: Another popular Korean song, back in the day.]

Y: You should’ve asked about it.

H: I was going to…but…I forgot. From now on, tell me.

Y: Okay.

H: Let’s go. Go!

Y: Go where?

H: Somewhere.

Y: You know the way?

H: Let’s just go somewhere.

MC: They’re in Busan, where would she go.

Y: I need to call my friend.

Sub: Yong husband’s friend!!

At the 6:00 mark.

MC: Yonghwa’s friends.

Friend: hello?

Y: Oh, where are you?

Sub: Yong’s friends…perhaps…

Friend: I’m on my way.

Sub: your friends…do you still meet them?

Friend: hang on a few minutes, I’ll be there quickly.

H: I’m curious.

MC: This should be interesting.

Moving on to Part 3.

Y: He should be here by now…

Phone: unable to connect to caller. Please leave a…

Sub: his friend still seems to be lost…

H: Are you sure he’s coming?

H: I wonder where he is…

Y: I think there’s going to be around 4 people.

MC: Yonghwa’s friends really got daebaked, meeting a member of SNSD. [NOTE: That’s the best way I can phrase it…the close translation would be ‘really really lucky’.]

Y: They’re friends that I’ve been close with since elementary school.

Sub: his closest friends for his whole life!

MC: They’re his closest friends.

Y: They’re my friends from the neighborhood, I know them better than anyone else, and I really wanted to introduce them to Seohyun.

Phone: unable to connect to caller. Please…

H: Were you left behind?

Y: Impossible.

MC: I think his friends are going to be very masculine.

Y: We’re doo-maek-paem.

Sub: Yong’s friends =doo-maek-paem

H: What does that mean?

At the 1:00 mark.

Y: Doosil McDonald Family. [NOTE:Doosil is the neighborhood where Yonghwa and friends grew up. Doo-Mc-Fam, or doo-maek-paem.]

MC: Oh, that was where they all met?

Y: They’re all very kind and nice.

H: Really? They wouldn’t be uncomfortable around me, right?

Y: It’ll be okay if you’re not uncomfortable around them.

H: Okay.

MC: She needs to do well when she meets his friends, it’s a way to boost his morale.

Y: He should be here by now…Jinsuk!

H: Where would he hear that?

Y: He could hear it. Jung Jinsuk!

Sub: Will Jinsuk show up… [NOTE: the music playing here is from a TV show called “Love Through the Television” where a celebrity would be reunited with their long-lost friends. The show would reach its climax when the celebrity would shout out the name of his/her friend, who would appear through a door.]

Y: Oh, Yonghwa…did you call me?

MC: I wonder if he will show up.

Y: Oh, he’s here!

H: Really?

Sub: Finally!

Sub: Jinsuk chingoo arriving after going seven times around the block

H: Oh, is that him?

Sub: Yong very happy at meeting his best friend

At the 2:00 mark.

Y: This is Jinsuk.

H: Hello…this is my first time meeting you.

Jinsuk: Hello, I’m Jinsuk…I was Yonghwa’s friend since elementary school.

H: Oh, really? Glad to meet you.

Jinsuk: Sorry, you waited a long time, right?

MC: He looks cute.

Jinsuk: I went on the wrong road, so…

Y: Jinsuk, this is Seohyun…

H: doo-maec-paem…of course.

Jinsuk: let’s be comfortable…go comfortable…let’s just go…ugh.

Sub: the person more nervous that Hyun wife

Jinsuk: we need to stop by Busan-dae to pick up Yejie.

Sub: Yejie! A female name??

MC: Oh, it’s a female name?

Y: Her name is Yejie, she’s the sole female member of our doo-maek-paem.

Sub: there’s a girl among her husband’s friends!

At the 3:00 mark.

MC: There’s a female?

H: Yejie unnie…

H: She must be a little…tomboyish.

Y: No, she’s not really a tomboy.

H: Then what?

Y: She’s a comfortable friend.

MC: She might be a little upset atthat.

Y: Hey, do you remember how we grew so close to Yejie?

Y: She’s really comfortable to be around, you know…I don’t see her as female.

MC: If he says that, what’s Yejie’s position going to be?

Sub: meanwhile…arriving near Busan-dae

MC: Budae is the Busan equivalent of Hongdae in Seoul.It’s narrow and small, but it has everything. [NOTE: Both are popular places for teenagers.]

MC: He finally said something.

Sub: Calling Yejie…

Yejie: Yeah.

Y: Where are you?

At the 4:00 mark.

Yejie: I’m at #$@%.

Y: I’m almost there with Jinsuk.

Yejie: Yeah.

Y: Wait outside, we’re almost there.

Yejie: Okay…Jung Yong…

Y: Jung Yong…really.

MC: I wonder what her reaction would be to seeing his close female friend?

MC: Whether she’s better than me or not.

MC: And on top of that, if she’s prettier…

MC: It’s either she hates her, or they become friends.

Sub: Finally…!

Sub: Arriving in front of Busan-dae!

Y: Oh, I see Yejie.

H: Where?

Sub: There…

Sub: Yejie chingoo entering…

Y: Yejie!

Yejie: Hello…yah, what am I supposed to do?

At the 5:00 mark.

MC: She’s cute.

Yejie: It’s so hard to look ather. [NOTE: Not 100% positive. Busan accent…]

H: Hello.

Yejie: Hello…omona.

MC: Omona.

MC: Oh, they’re doing well.

Yejie: You have a really small face.

Y: Yejie! Aren’t you happy to see me?

Sub: Yong becoming invisible thanks to Hyun

Yejie: It’s a celebrity…#$@%. [NOTE: GOD, I HATE TRANSLATING DIALECT.]

MC: #$@%.

Y: She’s a Busan-style girl.

H: At first, I thought the doo-maek-paem would be all guys, but…I was really surprised when I heard there was a girl. But when I saw her, she was really cute, and her face was really white, and she looked pretty.

At the 6:03 mark.

Sub: on their way to pick up their last friends

Yejie: Actually, you know what. Do you think I should’ve put on more makeup?

Y: No, it’s fine.

Sub: Busan girl paying attention to her face for her first broadcast

MC: Because she’s on broadcast.

Jinsuk: Now we need to get Ookhun and go straight up.

MC: Oh, I know Ookhun.

MC: You know him?

Yejie: Would you like some gum?

Sub: Friendship flowing through a piece of gum

Sub: Finally arriving at their last pick-up place!

Sub: Here…!

Sub: Doosil’s hamburger place

At the 7:00 mark.

Y: There they are.

Sub: Last friends for today!

MC: Oh, he’s really happy!

MC: He’s meeting them after awhile.

MC: He must’ve been busy, so he wouldn’t have had the time.

MC: That’s right.

Y: Why did you two dress up so well?

H: This my first time meeting you, hello. [NOTE: In case you’re curious…the phrase “this is my first time meetingyou” is a standard way of greeting when you’re being introduced to a new person.]

Y: Lee Donghyun, and Kang Ookhun.

Sub: finished with bringing together Yong’s close friends!

At the 8:00 mark.

Y: Ookhui. [NOTE: Ookhun with an accent.]

Sub: starting for Bhumuh-sa…!

MC: Where’s Bhumuh-sa?

MC: It’s in Busan, it’s a very famous temple.

MC: There must be a famous café nearby?

MC: Oh, the café…well, I’ve never been there, so…

Y: How’s meeting SNSD’s Seohyun?

Ookhun: Never thought a day like this would come in my life. [NOTE: Korean idiom, this is the closest English translation.]

Yejie: I’ve only been seeing you through posters.

Jinsuk: Me too, me too.

Ookhun: From about 100 m away…

Donghyun: I have the calendar.

Sub: everyone having an interest in Hyun wife

H: Oh, really?

Y: What are you doing?

Donghyun: getting acclimatized.

Y: Why are you being so shy?

Ookhun: Aigoo…don’t be like this.

Sub: Don’t be like that…^^

Sub: going through mountain roads

Sub: heading to a café nearby Bhumuh-sa…!

At the 9:00 mark.

Sub: finally here!

Y: Yejie! You lost some weight!

Yejie: Don’t even say anything. It was hard.

Y: Why? What did you do?

Yejie: All I ate were gogumas.

Yejie: I like gogumas too.

H: Uuooooh!

Y: Jinsuk! Wait.

Sub: affection display in front of friends

Sub: mass ignoring

Y: Why is Yejie going first?

Sub: heading towards the mountain café that Jinsuk scouted…!

At the 10:00 mark.

Sub: friends attempting to sit according to their preference(?)

MC: It’s not really a fancy café, but more like…

Yejie: You two should face each other.

Sub: in conference…for a while

Sub: finished adjusting places…!

Jinsuk: glad to meet you.

Y: what do you mean, glad?

MC: It’s awkward.

MC: Awkward.

Y: Jinsuk has a knack for finding out these places.

Yejie: picking out places where other people don’t know about…

Jinsuk: we need to formally introduce ourselves now.

Yejie: you start first.

Oohkun: No, don’t start with me.

Y: Seo Joo-hyun.

H: It’s Seohyun.

Sub: united…applause!

Y: You guys are applauding to that?

Y: Jung Jinsuk.

At the 11:00 mark.

Y: Moon Yejie.

Yejie: What?

Y: Don’t worry about your image.

Y: Lee Donghyun and Kang Ookhun.

Y: How is it, seeing Seohyun? Now that you’ve seen Seo Joohyun.

Ookhun: Aish…stop calling on me first.

MC: He’s a friend who cares for others.

Y: He’s the kind that butts into other people’s conversations.

Y: Jinsuk…how do you feel?

Jinsuk: Well, just…I can’t say anything.

MC: He must’ve done some research.

MC: He seems to be the type who handles all the work between his friends.

Yejie: But, you know. I didn’t know it when I was watching TV, but your face is really small.

Ookhun: So you’re saying her face is big on TV?

Yejie: No, no, all I’m saying is, honestly…

At the 12:00 mark.

Y: This is Busan style. They’re not fighting or anything.

H: Okay.

Sub: innocent boys find it hard to even say their first impressions

Donghyun: Well, I feel really happy, after seeing you so much on TV, so…

Ookhun: blessed.

MC: Ookhun talented at paring down words

Sub: then Hyun wife’s first thoughts?

H: They’re all very nice and innocent, I think.

Yejie: You don’t know us yet.

Y: Don’t make up things to say on purpose!

Sub: but all they’ve done is go through introductions



Translation credits: MountainMadMan @ soompi




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