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YongSeo Episode 42 raw with translation and ENGLISH SUBBED

Posted on: 29/01/2011

English Subbed

credits to SONEms


This is a fan-made video on what the WGM staff said about YongSeo couple

credits to loveuyongseo@yt


HQ raw cuts

credits to TheSoneSource19@yt


Episode 43 preview




F: means friends!~
< > Means the captions

<Hyun, … meeting the husband’s friends part II>
Y: OH it came.
<drinks came out>

Y: back then we couldn’t drink drinks like these.
S: When Yong was younger, I was wondering what he was like.
F: He fooled around a lot.
F: he was the mood maker.
<of course!>
S: really?
F: he always sang songs and rapped. He also did impersonations.
JW: OY my stomach!
<Even when he was younger he did impersonations?>
F: He did them a lot. “are my eyes red?”
F: (I’m sorry I don’t get the slang here!)
<this is how Yong played around when he was younger>
F: Didn’t Yong, when he was in junior high school started to record songs
Y: I recorded some songs until the neighbors complained that I was too loud.
<Even then he loved music that much!>
<Yong’s cellphone rings>
Y: Hello?, Oh! Is this Dongyoung?
<a friend who is more funnier than Jungshin?!>

Dongyong: “You can film me!”
<the friend who yelled “ You can film me!” >
Y: where are you?
<who is it?>
DongYong: are you in Busan?
Y: I’m in Busan.
<in the army Dongyong>
DongYong: You’re in Busan!? So am I!?
Y: You’re in BUSAN?!
<coincidentally the friend is in Busan?>
DongYong: I on leave right now. Where are you?
Y: Really!? This is great, … you’re not lying are you?
DongYong: of course I’m lying.
<the friend who always fools around!>
<the busan friend who is in the army calling…>
Y: Do you know who this is?
S:…. That that…
Y: it’s the friend who said film me! in the video.
<It’s a shame that he isn’t together with the friends>
Y: talk a bit with Seohyun.
DongYong: Oh, put her on.
S: Hello?
<in a Seoul accent>
DY: Hello, how are you?
F: He changed his voice!
Y: WOW, you really are a soldier. Don’t hold back your accent!
<speaking again >
S: Hello?
DY: Do you really like Yong?
S: YES YES! Where are you currently?
DY: I’m in Kawangdo . I am doing my best to protect this country.
S: Have strength!
DY: oh, I… am… I do have strength….
F: He is enjoying it.
MC: all the friends notice that he is enjoying it.
DY: Please like Yong a bit more.
S: Yes.
DY: he is a kid who liked to be loved. Since he hung around me a lot, he didn’t get much love.
<yong’s tone of voice is…>
DY: PWAHAAHA… I’ll call again soon. Be well!
<and with that DY ended his phone call>
S: Oh it’s so funny.
<the anxiety has gone a bit>
F: I’m scared.
Y: what are you scared of?
F: the people over there is going to watch all of this…
Y: Over where?
F: the studio.
F: Yeah, Jinwoon might see this.
MC: OH she likes Jinwoon!
<YeeJin, the fan of Jinwoon?>
JW: OH wait she said the she likes me? aigoo.
Y: You’re face is all red, YeeJin.
F: frustrating, frustrating, frustrating.
Y: Why are you folding the napkin!?
<during this time>
S: hold on a sec….
<anticipation, anticipation>
JW: Hello?
S: hello!
<it’s a man’s voice!>
S: Jinwoon !
F: Oh! What should I do!!
<Jinwoon was >
S: It’s me, Seohyun.
<Hyun, who wants to get close to YeeJin>
<calls Jinwoon to get to meet YeeJin>
S: Right now, I’m with Yong’s friends at the moment, and there is a Unnie (older person who is a girl) who is a fan of yours.
JW: Oh really?
S: yep. Hold on a sec, I’ll put you on.
<right away, giving the phone to YeeJin>
JW: oh okok.
F: What should I do!… Hello?
JW: Hello.
F: Is this really you?
<First she checks if it is really him >
F: what are you doing now?
JW: Oh, I’m exercising by myself at the moment.
JW: I was at that time exercising.
F: It’s nice to meet you.
Y: why is she holding the cellphone like that!?!
MC: She prob. just wants to see his face….
F: I don’t want him to be disappointed when he sees my face.
MC: She didn’t want you to be disappointed
JW: Oh I wasn’t disappointed!
F: you can’t be disappointed when you see my face.
MC: He’s not disappointed.
Y: OH wow, was Yeejin originally demure like that?
F: I’ll go to your concert!
JW: The concert, is on December 24, 25…..
Y: Jiwoon~ don’t promote…. (can’t figure out what he is saying here.) Her face has gotten all red!
JW: I’ll see you later!
Y: Ok
F: But… I already have a boyfriend.
<but I already have a boyfriend!!!!>
MC: She already has a boyfriend!
JW: Oh what is this!
MC: they are fans.
<with that they know each other even more.>
MC: that is good.
MC: is it bread?
MC: It’s honey bread.
Y: oh it’s really good.
MC: did he really want to eat that whole when SNSD was right in front of him? He can’t even chew it properly.
F: Since you are around Yong a lot, is there anything you have questions about? Like why is he like that… and such?
S: Hummmm…, when he gets annoyed is he the type to easily say that he is?
F: he gets really annoyed doesn’t he?
<as suspected>
F: since I’m here can I just say it? He has the feel of a kid?! I mean you know there is…when, even though he gets annoyed if you do something for him he quickly isn’t annoyed anymore.
<Right now sadden, sadden>
F: he doesn’t say anything at that moment but brings it up later.
F’s : “Friends… I’m sadden”
<without the friends, Seohyun would have been clueless to this side of Yong>
<the friends who prepared something for the couple>
F: I have something that I want to give you guys.
Y: what is it?
<anticipation, anticipation>
S: oh what is this? Thank you so much.
<the friends who prepared something in advance>
F: Its… it’s it’s.. you’re wedding present.
S: WOW, oh really?
<the present is… pretty couple tees!>
S: wow it’s cute!
MC: Wow it’s cute!
S: Thank you so much
F: wear it now, wear it now!
S: you want me to wear this now?
F: Just wear it… once.
< after a while>
F: Let’s clap!
Y: you thirsty!?
F: I also have something.
Y: I knew you did so that’s why I asked.
<a white envelope as a present?>
Y: what is this?
F: Seohyun has to look at it.
S: when was this?
MC: Oh wow! So pretty!
<Photo of husband when he was younger>
MC: wow he was good looking back then!
<amazed , amazed>
MC: that hairstyle is like Lee So Llong
S: When was this?
<A present just specially for Seohyun>
Y: I think it was during junior high school.
S: Who is this?
<Hyun, who is the >
F: it’s … just a close… friend.
MC: Of course when you get a boyfriend you become prettier.
<no >
S: this is you (speaking to YeeJin).
<because of Seohyun, laughter erupts again>
S: is it?
F: the present isn’t all that important.
F: I know that it’s hard to understand his feelings and it’s aggravating, but Yong is a warm person. Don’t bottle the feelings and just tell him anything.
MC: His friends are really good.
MC: They are good friends.
<the friend who has an excellent heart.>
F: During the winters, he usually likes to ski.
S: oh…
F: he really knows how to snowboard well.
MC: Oh he knows how to snowboard?
MC: yeah, he knows how to snowboard.
S: Do you want to teach me?
Y: NO.
S: why not?
Y: If you learn I won’t be able to snowboard.
S: what is that? oy really…
<Even in front of his friends he is like this>
Y: I’ll teach you!~
S: I understand
F: when you see yong, he is very kind, and treats people well.
<the friends who will talk warmly before they leave>
<thinking, thinking>
<thinking seriously about what he is going to say>
F: I’ll be watching you guys, in a fun way.
< and that is how DH friend ended his speech>
S: thank you.
<Eukhuh oppa>
S: The burden must be high.
F: Well…show all the sides, couple fights, but without divorcing. Don’t let a scandal erupt.
<what scandal!?>
S: Thank you so much.
S: if you know the friends, you will also know what kind of person he is…. That is what the elder people told me. Oh he has very good friends.
<husband has good friends>
S: I think he looks even better now.
<Yong husband looks even better>
S: even though it was a short time I felt them. I really want to see my friends.
< in the short period she misses them.>
<Yong requests a photo to be taken>
S: it was delightful to meet all of you.
F: we are more sorry (?)
<A special meeting between the Yongseo couple>
F: HEY! I have my eyes closed!
<and so again!>
<taking pictures with hyun.>
Y: Let’s go.
<and that is how I met my husband’s friends>
<after the friends leave>
Y: pwahah
S: where is this place?
Y: this place…? It’s really been a while.
<wherever he goes, he always pulls the wife to go with, Yong>
S: where is this place?
Y: this is where Jung Yonghwa spent most of my days.
S: AH! I think I know. Your school!

<Where is Yong Husband going to take his wife >
<this place is…?>
Y: Do you know where this place is?
S: oh wow it’s school! Wow!
<Yong husband’s high school!!>
Y: why did you suddenly feel better?!
S: I mean it hasn’t been long since you graduated.
<it’s been 3years since graduation>
Y: It’s been a while. Wow! It totally changed!
MC: Isn’t that something you say when you are our age?
MC: of course, it’s something you say after about 20 years.
Y: Oh! Students must still be studying now. Ah, I knew it, Namsan school is doing well.
MC: Oh that is where he played basketball.
Y: Hello!
OUT ofFRAME: It’s Jung YongHwa sunbaeneem (graduate)
Y: third year 1st class. It was… right.. over there.
MC: Have you ever seen your alma mater after you graduated?
MC: OH, I been there recently.
MC: not shower, alma mater,
(translator note: mo kuk means shower mo ko means alma mater, sounds similar right?!)
MC: It’s alma mater~
MC: Of course I went before. Since I am famous I go back to show off. I say this is who is am. Of course I went back. I went back with a good feeling.
MC: You felt so good you took a shower!?
Y: do you want to play school? It’s been a while.
S: school?
Y: you be the top student role.
S: pwahah
<top student>
<the carefree yong student>
<long distance>
S: what are you doing?
<to get away from punishment, student>
S: You over there! student! Hair Hair!
<Yong student with the long hair>
Y: ME?
S: What class are you in?
Y: I am 3rd year, 1st room…..
Y: you can’t go through the middle…
<that is how to the husband looked while dodging punishment>
S: So this is where you were before. I always wondered what kind of school you went too.
<since the wife likes it, husband likes it also>
Y: namsan school. Do you want to write a message here and go?
S: where?
<at the basketball hoops?>
Y: in the middle?
S: ok
Y: What should we write? How should we write it?
S: Is there a rock somewhere or some sort of twig?
Y: Ok, starting from there.
S: starting from here?
Y: Yep.
S: how long does I have to be?… I don’t know.
Y: YONG- SEO. It’s there… it’s crooked a bit though.
S: even though it’s a bit crooked it’s ok.

<next morning>
<YongSeo was here>
MC: wow the next morning when the students see that….
<Jung Yonghwa sunbaeneem was here!>

Y: Visiting was really fun, meeting up with old friends was fun,
< with the wife, Yong’s trip to Busan>
Y: seeing mom was really good too. But even through all that, I like that Seohyun now knows me more. And we also made lots of memories.
<what is husband you found during the busan trip?>
S: I believe he is the same. He was playful, active and positive. Did he also make some mistakes? ^^ Even though I wasn’t with Yong in the past, after seeing how he was, I liked how he was. I think I can see him more clearly now.

MC: Wow, it’s been a while since we saw the house.
<whistling noise at 9am>
<busy busy>
<it’s yong husband!>
MC: it’s after they came back from Busan.
MC: what is he keep dropping?
MC: Where is Seohyun?
< What is Yong Husband dong in the morning?>
MC: Do you think he is getting breakfast ready?
MC: and the wife is still asleep?
<Knew it!>
MC: Jung husband! You are doing well!
MC: that’s why the table has to go into the bed! Like a hospital bed!
Y: six spoons.
<in the other room>
<is she sleeping well?>
<carefully carefully>
Y: After “Hoot” performance, she goes straight away to Japan, It looks like she only slept for 1-2 hours.
Since she is busy all I can do is make food.
<I am Yong husband~>
Y: Now, I am going to put in the onions.
<now this is…?>
MC: what is he making?
MC: Meat?
<where have we seen this method of dunking the meat into the pot?>
<as suspected, from the husband of Seohyun>
MC: but what is he still making?
<with meat into the pot, what is he making?>
MC: It looks like sabu sabu!
MC: But he put the meat into the pot.
MC: oh.. it’s beef…
<the meat is placed >
<Japan style beef over rice meal>
MC: Oh it’s beef over rice.
MC: would it taste good?
MC: oh! He is doing well.
MC: put some chilli peper.
<green >
MC: oh it looks nice.
<carefully, carefully>
MC: how will he wake her up?
Y: Seohyun~
S: … ummm food?
S: (what) food?
Y: I made food, lets eat.
S: really?
<husband make breakfast?>
MC: Oh she’s still pretty.
MC: Girls have to look pretty after they sleep.
MC: Isn’t it a fact that girls are pretty right after they wake up?
MC: Umm.. it’s personal preference.
<can’t open eyes>
<husband’s first cooking>
Y: Try it.
S: I’ll eat it well.
Y: quickly eat it! Quickly eat!
S: hold on!
Y: Hurry!
<finally, first taste by hyun>
MC: after she came back from Busan, her mouth became wider!>
Y:it’s good right?
S: Yep.
Y: when I was in Japan I usually made this.
S: Oh really?
Y: eat kimchi.
<He even places the kimchi…>
S: thank you.
Y: It’s not the kimchi you made.
S: Even with first glance I know that.
Y: Do you want water?
< even bring her water…>
<Hyun, eating it as if it truly tasted good.>
MC: Oh now I want to eat it.
Y: it’s good right?
Y: Wasn’t it hard for you?
S: It was hard, but now I have strength.
Y: you were sleeping with your mouth open.
S: ayyyy~
Y: really! You don’t remember putting in my fist?
S: oh really! That isn’t it.
Y: Seohyun…
S: Yes?
Y: I heard that when you were going to meet my mom, you wrote in your diary.
S: oh! How did you know?
<list of questions to ask from hyun>
Y: I know.
S: how did you find out?
Y: I know all! Let me see it.
S: NO way!
Y: why are you getting angry over that?
S: I mean… no way~
Y: I want to see the diary!
S: Just wait a sec (in a Busan accent)
MC: She just spoke in banmal
S: Why !?
MC: She is still speaking in Banmal
< the diary that yong husband is wondering about>
MC: it’s cute.
S: You cant’!
Y: what!?
MC: Why does he suddenly want to see it?
MC: because she keeps hiding it.
MC: why did she bring it out if she wasn’t going to show it?
S: Wait. Wait!
Y: Am I dog now?
S: WAIT! (she said it as if she is commanding a dog)
MC: So cute~
S: Sit!
<already sitting… what?>
<finally seeing the diary>
Y: when I first see the mother and father.
S: must you read this?
Y: what was yong like as a child?
S: What are you doinggg?
Y: from kindergarten to high school, you were wondering about that?
S: yes.
Y: what foods he likes and dislikes. Have you seen any of his past girlfriends and whether or not they came over to say hello.
MC: Oh I wonder about this too.
Y: I heard that you called my mother.
S: yes.
<hyun, who had a phone call with yong’s mom>
MC: oh she called?
Y: What did you talk about?
S: It’s a secret.
MC: She is doing well.
S: how many times to you call you parents in a week?
Y: Once.
S: once? Since we are on the subject, let’s call your mother.
Y: What?
MC: wow, she has full confidence with the mother!
S: now, calling!
S&Y: mother!
YM: YONGHWA! Where are you?
Y: I’m in my house eating food.
YM: OMOMO! Who made the food!?
Y: Of course I made it.
YM: .. pwahah this is interesting. When you’re at home, you won’t even cook ramen!
Y: I make it when you aren’t home.
YM: did it taste good?
Y: It tastes good
YM: even though there aren’t any side dishes does it still taste good? Pwahha?
Y: talk to seohyun.
YM: Seohyun~
S: Mother!
YM: have you been well?
S: yes!
YM: After meeting you once, I want to see you again!
S: me too!
MC: look they got so close to each other!
YM: If you don’t know how to make something call mother. (me)
S: yes~
YM: eat well! And please take care of the husband!
<Aigoo…mom.. you really…>
S: yes, I understand!
YM: Ok I’ll see you again soon!
S: Yes! Goodbye!
Y: Mom I’ll call again!
YM: ok!
S: NO!, she has to first hang up!
MC: of course!
S: If you just hang up like that she will be hurt!
Y: since when was it like that?
S: It’s been like that here!
Y: we shut it off like that.
< starting with the nonsensical talk>
Y: thanks
MC: when I hang up I always hang up first because I feel as if I am winning.
MC: don’t you usually take the picture before you eat?
<yong’s wife first breakfast meal>
MC: OH!~ it came out nice!
<what is between the hair?>
Y: OH! Seohyun! You wore your necklace!!
S: what is this!?
< you wore your necklace>
< I saw your butterfly necklace!>
S: oh really. It’s pretty right!?
<hyun is feeling better>
<one more time>
Y: what?
S: it’s funny!
Y: What’s funny?
<you’re the best>
S: I did well?
Y: Seohyun, you are the best!
S: thank you
Y: I’ll be like this.
Y: what?
Y: It’s so pretty!
S: thank you.. heehee!
<with apples as the full course!>
<choding husband is starting…>
MC: Usually you do that when you are under a table.
S: don’t touch them.
Y: what what?
S: mission txt message has arrived
<what kind of mission can it be?>
<where there is health there is a happy couple to prepare for 2011 for >
MC: Idols don’t take care of their health too well now a days.
MC: yes, some days I can’t even eat.
MC: you should be worrying about growth.
S: are you being healthy?
MC: oh ~ he is so busy .
Y: uh… I am doing well.
S: eating well….
Y: I eat small meals.
S: but you always never eat breakfast!
Y: I eat breakfast.
S: but you used to never eat it.
Y: I used to not eat but now I do.
S: you eat?
Y: I also eat vitamins. Are you staying healthy?
S: Oh, I am doing so well.
Y: what have you been doing?
S: I always eat blended garlic, and I have never skipped breakfast.
Y: what about exercise?
S: Of course I exercise. I also eat vitamin C and other general vitamins. I also take things that is good for my intestines. Whenever fellow SNSD member s get a cold, I never get it. Also, when you are tired and getting up is hard, I never felt that before. I think my body is in good health right now.
Y: I don’t think that I was really ever sick. I am also not the person to get a lot of cold. Whenever I slept and get up I feel better.
<the style of when sick, sleep is best medicine>
S: right now, we have to find out if our bodies are healthy or not.
Y: How will we find that out?
S: we have to go and find out.
Y: where?
S: hospital.
<the chosen place to find out if they are healthy= Hospital>
Y: AY~ why hospital? We get hurt when we go to the hospital.
S: What do you mean get hurt?
Y: get hurt, get hurt. You only go to the hospital when you get hurt.
MC: Of course, you only go to the hospital when you broken something.
S: this is why you have to go to the hospital for a checkup before something bad happens.
Y: I’m going to live long
S: that’s why we should go to the hospital.
Y: I don’t need to go.
< frustrated>
S: what do you mean until now? You mean you are only going to go if you get hurt?
Y: I’m still young.
S: that’s why you have to go when you are still young.
<I will never go>
MC: why is it when guys are asked to go to the hospital they don’t want to go?
< It’s not we are sick>
< and we have to get a shot>
MC: when you go to the hospital they give you a shot on the butt!
MC: isn’t that a definite thing!?
S: And also, you go to the bathroom a lot. So that means your stomach hurts. So I’ll do it for you.
Y: what? Do what?
S: make you healthy.
Y: you’re going to be the official for the bathroom?
S: NO~
<starting to play around with the elephant>
S: whenever he touches his stomach he says it hurts, and he keeps going to the bathroom. So maybe there is a problem, that worries me.
S: what do you think?
Y: I’m not doing it.
MC: He is slightly scared
S: are you scared?
Y: it’s far
S: it’s not far.
Y: you get a shot in the butt.
S: exactly you have to get one.
<mother pose>
Y: lets do something else.
S; what do you want to do that is different?
Y: lets go and get a massage
<yong’s choice of getting healthy is a massage?>
MC: Of course, that is to get healthy, get a massage
MC: that’s only on the outside, you have to get treated internally.
S: no. your health is more important!
Y: lets get a massage
S: you don’t know anything about your health right now!
Y: when you go get a massage they let you know.
MC: he’s right! They say that if they touch this area, your intestines is not good.
Y: because I played guitar for so long It got hard here.
Y: pwahah you just blew wind from your nose
S: exactly, so listen to what I have to say.
MC: Oh she is mad!
Y: aigoo, a coin is inside.
S: then lets go get a checkup and then get a massage
Y: it really got hard. Look, touch it.
S: wow really!
S: as a mother, I shall take yong the child and take him to the hospital.
<mother hyun and her following son yong>
MC: he is constantly playing around.
Y: I have confidence that I am healthy.
S: you are confident? And your stomach doesn’t hurt.
Y: my stomach.. sometimes hurt when I don’t sleep.
S: this is it.



credits to DDuk @ soompi




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