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And the mutizen award for this week goes to … …

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CNBlue‘s Yonghwa has finally released the digital single for the ‘banmal song’ from We Got Married!

With a light acoustic accompaniment as well as the addition of drums have definitely brought the song up to a different level. A pity that SNSD Seohyun’s vocals was not featured in the song, else it will be perfect!

Hearing the song, I would say it would pass off as a perfect song for confession. Give the song a listen below..

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OMGWTFBBQ! Yes! Photos from SNSD’s Phuket photoshoot have apparently been leaked by S.M.Entertainment. Hit the button to SPAZZ below.

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All you fan girls out there, scream!!

Popsicle, the new sub-unit from the boy group, The boss / Dae Guk Nam Ah, has released their brand new single and MV.

The track is titled, “I’ll Love You Until It Snows in the Middle of a Summer Day” (한 여름날 눈이 내릴 때까지 너를 사랑해). It has a cute tune and accompanied by the clear crisp vocals of Jay, Garam and Mika of The boss, it is bound to melt the hearts of all korean fan girls.

Give the song a listen below.

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The standard edition of TVXQ’s “Keep your head down” album has been released today. What’s different from this album and the ‘special edition’ is that it features a collaboration track with non other than SNSD’s Seohyun!

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처음 뵙겠습니다 (Chor eum bweib ged sib ni da [ROM]), a.k.a “Nice to meet you”, is the new duet collaboration between canadian-korean singer G.NA and Wheesung.

Check out the catchy and light-hearted tune below. This song can very well be an OST for We Got Married”, don’t you think? Haha.

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Its sunday and its time for the weekly inkigayo!

Congratulations to G.D and TOP (Big Bang) for getting this week mutizen!

Inkigayo Mutizen

GD and TOP – High high

The Take 7 nominees for the day are:

1. G.D and T.O.P – high high
2. Seo In Young – Into the Rhythm
3. Park Hyoshin – Hungry For Love
4. Brown Eyed Soul – If It’s the Same
5. T-ara – Yayaya
6. SISTAR – How Dare You
7. KARA –  Jumping

Here are the performances for the day. Other links will be made available as soon as possible.
FCuz: Friends Generation

More videos underneath the flip!


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