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Well, to gather support for MBC Korean Wave in Thailand (happening on 12 of March 2011), CNblue and SNSD had recorded their greetings to international fans, watch it now!



More greetings and details of the event under the jump!

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Omu Omu Omu… even though this was just cuts on the original episode….

But whatever! Just watch the 30 minutes video under the jump now!

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Well well well, the long awaited MBC’s broadcast of “Come
To Play” (hosted by Kim Wonhee, Yoo Jaesuk) with Korea’s top idols
is finally here! Unfortunately its raw, but its better than nothing
if you guys are die hard supporters of these pop groups and can’t
wait for the god-knows-when arrival of the subbed episode. We shall
wait for the hardworking subbers to do their best in getting the
subbed episode out. I do not know how long these youtube links
would be up, so watch it while it last! I give you my word that i
will post the english subbed links once its ready!
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B2st Performance of T-ara’s YAYAYA on Gayo Daejun is loved by many fans, which trends in forums as an hot topic today. 🙂

Click links below for the gif images 🙂
GIF Source: javi.vz @ allkpop forums

Image Source: twins_sisters @ allkpop

Video and Images Avaliable under the flip slide 🙂

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Last but not least, B2ST‘s last pair (Hyunseung + Kikwang) has released their collaboration track, “Let it Snow”! I must say that the B2ST’s members are very talented to have composed their very own duets. Which track out of the 3 collaboration tracks do you like best?

Check them all out below:
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Following the release of B2ST’s Doojoon and Dongwoon “When the door closes”, Junhyung and Yoseob have released their digital track as well. The track is titled “Thanks to”, and it features a laid back hip hop beat accompanied by a rap section by Junhyung. Both songs are part of their new digital album, B2ST’s “My Story”.

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