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On 18th January 2011, it was first reported by NATE News & NEWSEN that KARA would be spitting from DSP Media. It is a result of the entertainment company’s poor and unreasonable treatment of KARA, as percieved by most of the group members and their families. The report further adds that the group had always been trying their best to resolve these prolonged issues between them and the company, but to no avail. From a statement issued by LANDMARK (a legal firm representing Hara, Seungyeon, Jiyoung and Nicole), it is known that the members have suffered inexplicable pain that had brought them to this decision so as to protect their rights and future. Being overworked with schedules that were forced upon the popular girl group, they have decided to part ways with the company. Park Gyuri, the leader of KARA is not included in this decision as she was initially not made known to this matter. (Personally i find it abit wierd that the group consensus isn’t there, are they really close to each other?) Gyuri was then reported saying that the other members were doing this eventually because it is for money. (Would’nt anyone claim something that is rightfully theirs after having personally worked hard for?) This move came as a surprise and heartache for many netizens and fans as they are currently doing very well in Japan, recently winning titles from the 52nd Japan Record Awards and the 25th Japan Gold Disc Awards.

Han Seungyeon and Hara Goo shielding themselves from the press after arriving at Incheon Airport from Thailand 

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As an continuation to Part 1 of the video, here are the next 4 chunks of the episode featuring 2AM and Kara!

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PikeYenny’s Stream and DL Links avaliable.

Streaming Links

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Korean girl group SNSD and KARA, who have made sizable impact in Japan, made their appearance on MUSIC STATION SUPER LIVE 2010.

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KARA’s venture into Japan since signing a deal with Universal Music Japan in April 2010 is nothing short of a booming success, taking the Japanese music industry by storm. There has been hot competition recently with SNSD’s Japanese debut single Genie for various top spots on the Japanese ranking chart, Recochoku, for their singles and music videos – KARA had managed to secure #1 for the “New Artist” category.

The korean girl group’s new album titled “KARA Jumping” also jumps in popularity with the release of its iphone application, which tops the download charts in the Japan’s online Iphone application store. First released on 5th December 2010 without any official publicity campaign, the application had recieved 50,000 downloads response in a period of less than half a month! The high quality application lets Iphone users enjoy photos, music videos and songs of the new album. Read the rest of this entry »