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As mentioned in my previous post “SNSD’s Seohyun in red-frame glasses“, I have found more photos of her wearing the red-frame glasses. In addition to that, I have also found the video which Seohyun mentioned in WGM YongSeo episode 39. The video footage was taken when Yonghwa was in his high school period, with his friends on a bus. The short clip is quite funny as although Yonghwa shouted not to be taken in the video, he actually enjoyed being inside it. He also did a new “pose” which Seohyun used to tease Yonghwa while they were on their train ride to Busan.

More photos and the video can be found under the flip.

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As mentioned in WGM YongSeo episode 39, Yonghwa bought a pair of couple glasses for Seohyun. Yonghwa’s glass rims blue in color and Seohyun’s is in SNSD color (pink). While Seohyun denied that she wears glasses, Yonghwa exposed the fact that she did wear glasses many years ago because he saw her wearing a red-framed glasses in a bookstore reading a book.

Some fans have found 2 past photos of Seohyun wearing the red framed glasses and I have decided to share with you guys.


There is 1 more photo under the flip and the conversation mentioned above.

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In this weedend’s episode the “married” couple uploaded their ‘Banmal song’ video onto youtube and took a train to Busan. They met yonghwa’s mother and went to a Japanese restaurant for lunch.

Check out the raw cuts under the flip. Translation and English Sub will be available later in the day or latest tomorrow. English subbed cuts are just below the flip. Translations are below the videos.

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Here’s the preview for the upcoming YongSeo Busan episode which will be aired on 8th Jan, 5.10PM KST


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