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And the mutizen award for this week goes to … …

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Well, to gather support for MBC Korean Wave in Thailand (happening on 12 of March 2011), CNblue and SNSD had recorded their greetings to international fans, watch it now!



More greetings and details of the event under the jump!

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Its sunday and its time for the weekly inkigayo!

Congratulations to G.D and TOP (Big Bang) for getting this week mutizen!

Inkigayo Mutizen

GD and TOP – High high

The Take 7 nominees for the day are:

1. G.D and T.O.P – high high
2. Seo In Young – Into the Rhythm
3. Park Hyoshin – Hungry For Love
4. Brown Eyed Soul – If It’s the Same
5. T-ara – Yayaya
6. SISTAR – How Dare You
7. KARA –  Jumping

Here are the performances for the day. Other links will be made available as soon as possible.
FCuz: Friends Generation

More videos underneath the flip!


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The weekly music bank is here again!

Hit the jump for more videos :).

TVXQ – How Can I/Why
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B2st Performance of T-ara’s YAYAYA on Gayo Daejun is loved by many fans, which trends in forums as an hot topic today. 🙂

Click links below for the gif images 🙂
GIF Source: javi.vz @ allkpop forums

Image Source: twins_sisters @ allkpop

Video and Images Avaliable under the flip slide 🙂

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Eun Jeong was all smiles on stage for her fans.

T-ara’s Ham Eun Jeong was spotted appearing on stage on December 27, 2010 with the other members of ‘Dream High’ wearing a cast and being supported by crutches, owning to an unlucky fall that had caused injury to her left knee ligament.

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Here it is! Episode 7 of our favorite variety show RUNNING MAN! I’ve decided to post more screencaps to make it more enticing and appealing to viewers of our new blog. Thank you very much for your support! Please help to give some comments on how we could improve our posts! We will continue try our very best to bring you more shows, news and updates of whatever that is interesting!

AWESOME! 3 guests for this show!

Guest: Eun-Jung (T-ara), Jo-Kwon (2am), YongHwa (CN Blue)

Run Date: August 22, 2010

Landmark: Sejong Center for the Performing Arts (Wiki it!)

Blue Team: Yu Jae-suk, Ji Suk-jin, Lee Kwang-su, Song Ji-hyo, Jung Yong-hwa, Jo Kwon

Red Team: Kim Jong-kook, Gary, Ha-ha, Song Joong-ki, Eun-jung

Late Appearance: Gwang Soo

Team Missions

Mission 1: Find a passer-by and make them wear the couple hat. Ask the passer-by to choose between two the two teams and stare intensely into the chosen team’s mate eyes for 10 seconds to earn the running ball.

Mission 2: Taking still shots user a timer while making a human pyramid, number of faces capture dictates winning outcome.

Mission 3: Taking still shots while jumping into the moving frame, number of faces capture dictates winning outcome.

Mission 4: Wear wigs and costumes, taking still shots while putting hands on head and mimic a ballerina while standing on toes. Try to get into the moving frame, number of faces capture dictates winning outcome

Mission 5: Play hide and seek in the theater, blue team members must avoid being caught by red team members while searching for 5 soft toys hidden around the premises.

Mission 6: Drinking lemon juice, fastest team wins.

Punishment: Make scribbles and drawings on the losing team member’s face and return home in a public transport.

Streaming links available. Dive deeper!

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