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It has been some time since the last SNSD UFO Star Call. This time round its YonnA!

Check under the flip for the video (with english subs) 😉


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OMGWTFBBQ! Yes! Photos from SNSD’s Phuket photoshoot have apparently been leaked by S.M.Entertainment. Hit the button to SPAZZ below.

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S.M.Entertainment and have jointly released SNSD’s “Snowy Wish” MV! Talk about a timely Christmas present. Kekeke.

The unique MV features moments from SNSD’s MV shoots (notably from Oh! and Hoot), CFs, daum screensavers etc. Check out never before seen behind-the-scenes footage in the MV. The MV is definitely a special way to showcase the girls’ natural sides. I’m sure the girls goofing around will put a bright smile on your face this Christmas. [Note YoonYul’s ‘bed’ scene at 1:33 in the MV below – Kudos to all of the sharp-eyed SONEs]

View the MV below:

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Below is Bestiz beauty’s TOP10 ranking for SM’s female singers. 70% is based on General views and 30% is based on the writer’s view.
1.Im Yoon Ah (SNSD Yoona)
2.Jung Soo Jung (f(x) Krystal)
3.Kwon Yuri (SNSD Yuri)
4.Choi Jin Ri (f(x) Sulli)
5.Victoria Song (f(x) Victoria)
6.Kwon BoA
7.Jung Soo Yeon (SNSD Jessica)
8.Seo Joo Hyun (SNSD Seohyun)
9.Lee Ji Yeon
10.Kim Tae Yeon (SNSD Taeyeon)

Is your favorite SM female idol amongst this TOP10? ^.^

Credits to iSNSD


Lure you in 🙂

Hi viewers! Found these photos as an continuation to my other post regarding the same topic, ENJOY!

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